- Frequently Asked Questions

Please check back often as more questions become answered.


When and Where is the festival?

Our festival season starts June 20th - July 23rd. While we strive to have in-person festivals, our PSIAF animation festival will be online only this season.

How can we watch the festival films?

You can create an account at Once you sign-up and verify your account via email, you will then be able to watch films during our season's schedule time. Please note that the "Watch Now" option might not be available until festival schedule.

I tried to register. I don't see any verification email?

If you don't see any verification emails when you sign-up, then please double check your email's SPAM folder. Also ensure the email you enter is correct. Typos in email will result in failed delivery of verification email. If you still have issues then please contact us at


How long will my film be shown?

Seasonal film submissions are shown during the festival's scheduled season runtime. After which the films will be disabled from viewing online after schedule. We generally divide the films into week-long screenings. Each week cycles a new set of scheduled films.

Where will my film be shown?

Your film will be shown at our festivals durning festival season schedule. While in-person venues are announced when we have them, we offer online streaming to world audiences. We strive to accomodate films that need to have geo-blocking restrictions.

I need to block my film, or restrict it to play in certain countries. [Geo-blocking]

We have a geo-blocking feature that allows us to restrict your film from audiences in certain locations. We are working to integrate this into our director's film editor. If your film requires certain restrictions, please let us know:

How can I hide or remove my film? I don't want my film to be viewed online.

We understand you may have reservations! We have an "Edit My Films" section for you to edit your film's visibility / availability within our online platform. You can hide the film from viewers, disable screening, or opt-in for off season access allowing viewers to screen your film off season. Please contact us: to make any requests in your film's availability. Please note you must contact us via a confirmed email address associated with your film.

I have a Streamtacular account. Where are my film(s)?

If your Streamtacular account is registered with the same email that is associated with your Film Freeway submission(s), Streamtacular will automatically associate your film with your account. After which your account will then display a "Directors/Film-Makers" menu with further options to edit your film's settings.

Online? Does this mean anyone can watch? .. And share?

Yes and no. Anyone with a registered Streamtacular account can attend and watch the films during season schedule. Any films opted-in to stream out of season will be available. In some cases links to films can be shared, but the films can only be viewed through and/or Users who follow a film's share link will need to login, create and verify their account before being able to watch films.

Do I need to send a copy of my film to Streamtacular?

Chances are you already did! How? We obtain a copy of your film via Film Freeway, so chances are you do not need to do anything further. You can go into your Streamtacular account and click "Directors/Film-Makers" -> "Edit My Films": This will show you all your films you have submitted to us. Here you can view the version you sent us. If you need to update the version of your film, please contact us: and we can assist in updating the film for you. Please keep in mind your account email must be the same as the film's associated email submitted on FilmFreeway in order for your film to show in your account.

I want to contribute my film to play on Streamtacular out of season. Is this possible?

If you want to contribute your film to play out of season, then you can opt-in. You must have an account with an email associated with your Film Freeway submission(s). This allows you to edit the film and