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Weekly Schedule: April 30-July 4th

Our 9 week long schedule consists of about 39 films per week.

Week 1

April 30 - May 6


Afro Algorithms

Anatola Araba

This 3D animated short film in the Afro-Futurist genre explores topics of AI and bias. In a distant future, an artificial intelligence named Aero is inaugurated as the world’s first AI leader. However, she soon finds that important worldviews are missing from her databank, including the stories of the historically marginalized and oppressed. A slate of well-known Black actors lend their voices to the film, including Robin Quivers, Ava Raiin, and Hoji Fortuna.



Pim Christian de Vries

Autumn brings the wind that carries a falling, withered leaf through the memories of a woman’s youth and her relationship with a once young man. But spring brings new light and life to withered leaves and lives.


A dog under bridge


"i'm a dog,who lives in the park under a bridge.awooooooooo~"


Stopped Motion: The Story of GULP

David Busch

A comedic documentary about the rise and fall of the literal biggest star in Hollywood, a claymation dinosaur named GULP.


Special Delivery

Olivia Baylor

A warning of what could happen to your collection of empty boxes from all of your online shopping. Please handle your boxes with care.



Zsofia Opra-Szabo

Could you live the life that somebody else designed for you? An accidently spilled aquarelle makes a cute, strong-willed and sassy puppet girl conscious. As she starts to explore the world around her, the journey begins to re-design herself. Who is in charge: the Artist or the Character? …and the film reel is spinning. This is a behind the scenes story made with special visual image exploring the idea of what happens if the Artist plays along and supports the Puppet to create herself.


Making Art In America, 2020-2021

Angie Wang

A surreal depiction of life during the pandemic for an artist.


Red Fire

Mona A.Shahi

The Darkness Demon has swept over the world, trying to set the ending of Light unlike the earlier promises and prophecies. It is in such an era that a flock of Red birds travel in search of the Red Fire; a Fire that according to the prophecies, wipes out the blackness and puts an end to the constant eclipse and absence of the Sun. But where are they going to find the Red Fire?


Paper Kid

Jaehee Cheong

A Paper Kid's born into the paper world. He sees the light and follows it, hoping something good is waiting; but he faces something else he's never seen before.



Ben Meyer, Mav Vitale, Lisa Qingyi Liu

A fresh and hilarious take on the old Greek tale of King Midas. The story follows the King, as his daughter, Marigold, desperately attempts to get him to see past his boundless greed — until Dionysus makes his godly entrance, bestowing upon the old king the ability to turn anything he touches to gold, and to chase his greed evermore.



Brennan Karem

Fatherhood explores the beginning stages of being a parent and bonding with your child.


No Splash Photography Please

Steven LeLeux-Lopez

Follow Young Patty Sugar as she attempts to get a photo of a mermaid, believing that they are real. But when a real mermaid shows up, she gives her a lot of trouble! Marie the Mermaid is a crazy character, so Patty better tread lightly while taking photos. Can Patty take a photo of that crazy mermaid without going crazy herself? Find out for yourself!


The Three Nestlings

Kristóf Máté

Three landscapes from the perspective of three animals



Stu Gallagher, Cindy Rodriguez

It’s a cold and stormy night on St Kilda Pier and the The Fisher People are collecting their usual array of junk from the ocean. This time they fish up something more than they bargained for.



Kumo, a young Japanese woman has a life goal of becoming a pilot, but encounters roadblocks entering a male-dominated field and her own self-doubts. Throughout her journey, with the support of her precocious and magical Daruma Doll, she is able to overcome adversity in the pursuit of her sky-high dreams.​​



Joshua Sikora

With childlike wonder, this animated short takes viewers on a visceral thrill ride over the edge and into the magic of dreams. Created exclusively in Unreal Engine by a single animator, PRECIPICE showcases new potential in digital production with an inspiring tale of courage and joy.


Restless Is the Night

Xiaoxue Meng, Yuehan Tan

"Restless is the Night" revolves around two women: thirty-year-old Lin, a manager in a trading company; and twenty-year-old Fan, an intern at the same company. Set in modern-day China, the story explores the unwanted situations women find themselves in while navigating everyday urban life, and how they manage to find their way out.



Mafalda Salgueiro

“Cooking is caring” says my mother while she enthusiastically juggles pots and pans preparing a family meal. Using food and passed down recipes, personal history is interwoven with gestures of affection and familial unity. A visual ode to the unsung heroes who repeatedly feed and care for us without asking for anything in return.



Laura Iancu

A girl comes home to her cat.


Under The Endless Sky

Alexandra Dzhiganskaya

Our memories play an important role in the construction of identity and self-awareness. My childhood memories have acquired a special value for me since the outbreak of the full-scale war in Ukraine, my home country. For many children, this time will become a formative memory. My childhood in Ukraine was different and I want to share it with the audience in the form of an animated short. In the film I tell a personal story about my childhood memories and explore how memories are preserved and why they have a special meaning for people.



Vincent GIBAUD

When Alice and Liam meet and the evening becomes a journey, by the light of dawn everything seems possible.


The Smile

Erik van Schaaik

When a world-famous film star is accused of eating his female co-stars, his career goes down the drain. That wipes the smile off his face!



Ruofan Zhao

The cartoon Gain And Lost is a short movie about a man who gains some accidental wealth chooses a wrong way for that and nearly dies, but he gets redemptive eventually.


Monsters of Mine

Lana Nguyen

A lonely girl uses high-tech glasses to fill her world with imaginary monster friends, but when they break, she discovers the value of true human connection.


Our America

Dean M Winkler, Donald S Butler

"Our America" is a short-form, non-narrative meditation on American 20th century industrial promises gone awry. The film explores the dreams of World War II America through imagery based on 1943 teacher aid posters called Our America which were distributed to schools throughout the U.S. From the vantage point of nearly a century later, the film examines how the innocent, celebratory intent of American ingenuity has led us on a path of unintended consequences. "Our America" follows "140 Characters" (2017), a short non-narrative film about the unfulfilled promises of internet technology.


Burn Out

Lee Ricks

Burn Out is a stop motion film about a mechanical candlemaker. Follow his story as he receives more work each day than the previous. The night is growing longer and the work is piling up no matter how much he tries to do, and he must make the decision between finishing the order or completely winding down.


Zenith and Nadir

Duo Benji & Rita releases the music video for their song, “Zênite e Nadir”. Arabic tales and Jewish music intertwine in the new music video by the duo based in New York. Singer, composer and visual artist Rita Figueiredo and composer and guitarist Benji Kaplan present “Zênite e Nadir”, the new music video by Benji & Rita. The track features the participation of the New York wind quintet Vent Nouveau, as well as musicians from around the world. The animation and lyrics, both by Rita, are filled with influence from the Arabic world. As in a story from the Arabic literary collection; A Thousand and One Nights, introduces us to a pilgrim in the desert and the flavors and colors of his journey. The narrative unfolds in a story within another story, and so on, in a fractal of narratives. As a counterpoint to the melody, Benji's arrangements arise from Jewish Ladino music, songs composed by Sephardic Jews, who populated the Iberian Peninsula in the 15th century, present in the lineage on his father's side. His father, the Cuban Joel Kaplan, singer and percussionist of Ladino music, is even the one who played the Dumbek and the tambourine on this track. Since they couldn't resist infusing the Brazilian touch in this mix, the arrangement also takes us back to the genre of choro.



Gary D. Rhodes

Dreamlike animation brings Poe's unforgettable poem to life, with desolate, macabre, and volcanic imagery. Cherokee filmmaker Gary D. Rhodes and Irish artist Cherith Brown worked together for more than five years to bring Edgar Allan Poe's renowned poem, Ulalume (1847), to the screen in an animated interpretation of never-ending and mournful sights and sounds.


The Presenter

Josephine Lohoar Self

Set within a bustling news channel Niamh, a shy 20-something-year-old production assistant tries her best to fulfill the demands of the job. But when a news anchor beckons her over to the news desk, Niamh suddenly finds herself presenting the evening news. Her pleas fall on deaf ears, and we soon find out that things aren’t quite what they seem.


Out on A Limb

Vishnave J Jay

A man ventures into the forest to take revenge on the beast that stripped him of the use of both his legs. But.. he took his 8 year old son with him.



John Banana, Mathilde Michea

A car ride with Mum results in an epiphany for a young girl who must imagine her way to a better future.Her ideas grow and with them the chance to make a real difference. Battle Plan, a musical ode to young activists everywhere.



Melanie Gerber

After being diagnosed with endometriosis, Alma struggles to come to terms with the disease and struggles to gain acceptance and control over her body and reality.


Speed Date

Emil Niki Lundmark, Qing Lan, Rachel Min

A young bachelorette discovers her love of life when her tries at the dating life fail miserably.


Arlo Sings the Blues (In the Middle of the Night)

R.J. Sullivan

Arlo is a delusional cat who loves to sing all night long. Is he practicing or is he annoying? Hmmm... I guess that depends on who you ask. But this is Arlo's story.


What Did You Say?

Oscar Li

This short, animated documentary by Johns Hopkins medical student Oscar Li follows two people and their hearing health journeys. Practicing otolaryngologist Frank Lin, MD, PhD, director of the Johns Hopkins Cochlear Center for Hearing and Public Health, weighs in on the importance of hearing to our health and how to understand your Hearing Number.


Confusion of the Afternoon

Yung-Chieh Lee

In the boring afternoon after class, two boys played poker cards. The inadvertent physical touch and eye contact touched one of the boys. In game after game, he has a beautiful imagination from this indescribable feeling, and feels that all subtle touches seem to be dancing. However, it’s just that in this game where gays obsess over heterosexual men, he finally has to face the moment when the dance ends... This film is conceived of the "straight crush" plot in which young gays are obsessed with heterosexual men in their exploration of sexual orientation. It combines a variety of touch-related art mediums, trying to use the concepts of touch and gaze to describe the common experiences and memories of gay growth and memory.



Xiaopeng Zhu

The intern Li Wei, as a test subject of artificial intelligence, faces the temptation and persecution of the central system in an experiment where the boundaries of morality and humanity seem to be unfortunately out of control, and still chooses to sacrifice herself to preserve humankind.

Week 2

May 7 - May 13



Sergio Kotsovoulos

Ellie struggles with verbal communication and survives, thanks to her landlady. Manu moves into the apartment directly across from her. Day by day, their routines echo each other, and a connection emerges.



Yu Sun

Needles are used to repair damage. Stay is a 5-minute animated film made using hand embroidery on tracing paper, depicting the relationship between a daughter and her absent father. Don’t forget to spend more time with the people you love even though you are busy. 针线具有修复伤口的力量。Stay/留是一部五分钟的动画短片,通过手工刺绣在硫酸纸上制作完成, 描绘了女儿与缺席的父亲之间的故事。再忙不要忘记多花些时间与你爱的人在一起。


BING - Leaf Pictures

Bing is a groundbreaking television series. Celebrating the noisy, joyful, messy reality of life when you’re a pre-schooler, Bing stories are small but full of drama; everyday micro-dramas that all young children and the grown-ups in their lives will recognise. Bing is 3 years old and like all 3-year-olds is energetic, playful & engaged with the world around him. As he encounters new experiences, a combination of enthusiasm and inexperience can sometimes lead to disappointment. Bing, Sula, Coco, Pando, Amma and Flop are in the Howly Woods making Leaf Pictures. They each choose their own leaf, but Bing’s is whisked away by the wind! He stamps on it just in time to stop it flying away! They place their leaves under pieces of paper and rub crayons onto the paper. But the wind whisks Coco’s picture off the table, and Bing tries to catch it but stamps on her picture! Now Coco is angry. An Acamar Films Production co-produced in association with Brown Bag Films. Bing television adaptation from the original books by Ted Dewan


Visiting Ben Shemen

Miriam Harris

In 1946, three young Jewish teenagers met at the Ben Shemen school, in Palestine. Each had been traumatised by the Holocaust and World War II. These women, now in their late eighties - one of whom is the director’s mother - recount the ways in which Ben Shemen offered a healing and soul-nourishing refuge, through its humane outlook and the privileging of creativity. Mixed-media and an animated sketchbook aesthetic, together with the collaging of fragments of music and sound, accompany their retrieval of memories, and the director's efforts to understand their experiences.


Where the winds die

Pejman Alipour

Sardasht is a kurdish city in West of Iran. Sardasht is the first city in the world to be victim of chemical weapons with mustard gas bombs at 4:15 p.m on Sunday, June 28th 1987. This film is about before, after the bombing, Also a romantic relationship between an couple and finally, the effects of the post-war.


Before Her Body Left

Yuxin Yang

Trans woman, scrutinizing her reflection in the mirror. A tangling battle between the self and the allo-self, in a surreal dream, secretly happens. Meanwhile, her desires become an alien, breast floating, tentacles trembling, constantly luring her to the outside world...


Shark Beat

Chelsea Alexandra Schrett

"Shark Beat" is a short animated film with a story about a shark who's just trying to make fish friends at school, but every time he takes a step, a JAWS-like theme song plays and scares all the fish away. Through different attempts of the shark trying to fix his situation by walking slower, backwards, or faster, nothing does the trick and all the different groups of fish continue to flee away in fear. Getting so angry that none of his attempts are working, the shark tantrums, and crashes through the floor into the room below, disrupting a group of fish's band rehearsal. Already knowing nothing will work to shake their fear before they flee, the shark starts to leave the room until he is called out by the conductor fish unexpectedly. After a few exchanges of communication back and forth, the shark soon realizes the conductor's genius idea of encouraging the band fish to play along to the menacing shark tune. Soon, the shark is greeted to the top of the band stand, and along with all the other band fish, they all play in perfect, happy harmony into the end scene.


A Little Story

Nada Serhan

A Little Story is a short stop motion film that follows three deserted objects found on the streets of Paris. A negative film, a golden key, and a necklace face loneliness and homelessness till they are anonymously helped and each find a home for themselves as neighbors in a recycled city.


Transparent Black and Iron Rich Red

mario Kreill Cirillo, Isabel Emily Wiegand

In a fantasy world where human beings have glowing hearts whose intensity is tuned to the emotions they feel, a young woman is lonely and bored in her room made of clouds. Suddenly she discovers she can create objects out from nothing: a doll, a flower, a guitar, but soon even the objects do not relieve her solitude. Then her imagination creates, unexpectedly, human figures that keep her company. A man, an old woman, a girl. At first the relationship they establish with their creator seems beautiful and fulfilling, but then things go wrong and the illusion vanishes. The woman returns alone, but this time she is determined to enjoy her solitude, and plays and dances to her music.



Rachel Naughtin

A young ballerina faces pressure to live up to her predecessors. As her self perception warps, she learns to challenge standards and find beauty within herself and in the grotesque.



Andy Cepollina

Senior thesis film for Loyola Marymount University Animation program. Mobius is a collection of meditations about grief, coping with loss, and mindfulness following the isolation of the pandemic. Made with mixed-media and hybrid animation techniques ranging from hand-drawn 2D to stop motion, it is a cathartic journey of acceptance and cosmic love.


A dream of Himera

Gianfrancesco Iacono

Sicily. A wizard roams the desolate plain where the ancient Greek colony of Himera once stood. The man’s power brings life to the Greek spirits for a short time. An illusion of beauty against the devastation of a territory carried out by contemporary society.



Jessica Cheng Peng Tan

When Earth becomes uninhabitable due to climate change, a single dragonfly must fight seemingly insurmountable odds in order to survive and reproduce.


Yellow Impasto Palette No.1

Alison Goodyear

'Yellow Impasto Palette No.1' (2022) is an experimental animated film, filmed in VR, made through in-depth exploring of a virtual abstract painting. It unfolds at a very gradual pace, a process that heightens a mesmeric quality, in an attempt to ask for a different type of relationship with the viewer, one that is deliberate and lingering. This approach is more akin to traditional physical painting, hence its description as a 'slow painting'.


70s Fan

nathalie lauffenburger

A musical director and a popular French singer co-write a song. While the song goes through various stages of production, a young fan hopes to see her idol onstage as he is coming to perform in her hometown


Rite of Identity

Youmee Lee

A 2D animation film about a deaf girl who has exceptional artistic talent but struggles with an overwhelming soundscape. Many deaf symbols and motifs are conveyed through her lens. The film is based on the animator’s personal experience of being a deaf student in a mainstream school.


SHOAH Bernard Ores

Baptiste Drapeau

During WWII, in the ghetto of Przemysl, in Poland, Bernard and two comrades hide in a bunker dug under the roadway to escape deportation.



Pei-Lun Hsieh

A robot student starts his school life in the robot school to learn the skills of a robot assistant. He feels inferior to his classmates at the beginning because he looks different from them and fails to do well in class. He tries to blend in and learn to do better but finally realizes that his talents are not those repetitive movements but the comprehension of knowledge and emotions.



松伟 里

The film, called The Slavis’s Odyssey, tells the story of a Chinese citizen who visits relatives in Ukraine on the eve of the war, gets caught up in the war, and finally returns to his homeland after suffering. This is a film based on a true event


Risqué Business

Delaney Beaudoin

Risqué Business is about a group of exotic dancers charming a lonely club patron and robbing him by using their wiles.


Eating in the Dark


Through snakey dildos, setting boundaries and a journey through a mind bending forest, we follow Siro's quest for self discovery.



Veronika Väth

Being late, the protagonist finally manages to get to the office. But that's where his obsessive-compulsive adventures begin, leaving him no chance for getting the job done.



Adam Spelic

A young woman living alone in a desolate world is gravely sick and in search of a cure. She will encounter many threats and environments before such a task is fulfilled.



Špela Čadež

The steak has been marinating for a few days now. The pan is heated. Franc’s stomach is rumbling. But Liza’s co-workers surprise her with a birthday party. Will she be home on time?



Andreas Johansson

I got to know Berook in the fall of 2017. He was a visitor at the shelter I volunteered at and after a couple of months, when we got to know each other better, he asked if I wanted to make a film about him. For several weeks I had worked up the courage to ask him the same thing… Berook is an animated short documentary with a 20 minute duration. It depicts a man in his fifties (Berook) whose life as a homeless person in Stockholm's inner city is largely characterized by a search for identity. This search is rooted in not knowing who his biological mother is. A black hole in Berook that is a contributing factor to his life going downhill. This film wants to shed light on alienation. A sense of frustration and loneliness to be able to relate to. The audio containing his voice in the film are taken from recorded phone calls as well as filmed interviews with Berook. Here he talks about his everyday life as a homeless person in his own words. And what it was like to come as an adopted four-year-old from Ethiopia to Sweden in the mid-70s.



Alessandro Gaspari

Music video for the song 'jerks' by the artist TYTO. There is no story to tell, there are no captions nor a moral to explain: everything you see is a dreamlike metaphor we would like the audience to experience, and which only serves as an accompaniment and a listening guide to the song. The obsession presented by the lyrics, music and images is the fulcrum of everything: it can be considered as a distorted vision, for example, of one's own interest; and the insertion of disturbing imagery allows the right connection between the dots, without one prevailing over the others.


Man in a Can

Henk Pringels

A man leaves an oasis and starts walking. In the middle of the desert, he finds this strange building and immediately, he addresses someone on the inside of the building. Whether there's any need, for airco, food, or maybe even some music or television, here in this inhospitable part of the world? After fruitless inquiries, the man spends the night in the desert. The morning after, he realizes that, ultimately, there's only one possible decision to make. All this is just a day dream of a guy on a beach, somewhere in Kenia. Slightly confused by his dream, he cannot but promise his girlfriend to come and swim with her on that first lovely day of the year.


The Red Ball

George Morgan

Clinging onto his red ball, Bamike leaves the big city of London for a small town where his family can get a fresh start after a family tragedy.


Together, body and soul

Vasile Alboiu, Liviu Gabriel Dinu

Madame S. is marrying her beautiful daughter to Mr. Gluand, a rich old doctor. What she doesn’t know is that Madelene has agreed to this deal only because she is in love with the doctor’s protégée, Marcel. The two start a hidden secret romance after the arranged marriage. However, the doctor discovers their secret. Looking for vengeance, he decides to let the two lovers be together, body and soul.



Derek Frederickson

Intergalactic taxi driver Sloane takes a fun-loving fare to a planet supposedly having the most epic party…only to find everyone drained of life! Since it’s the big Peace Day celebration back home, she finds herself in a race against time to save her friends...and the entire planet...from the evil party energy sucking scourge of the galaxy.


Severance Pay

Carlyn Cando

In the 18th century, two guards in the employ of the Russian Empire get laid off from their post and wonder what to do next.


Family Vacation Photos

Joel Benjamin

Flawed memories of the places we wanted to go to on vacation and the places we didn't want to visit. Trying to remember who we were, or who we are. A stop motion animation collaboration with a neural net.


Rotten Child

Anej Golčar

Sixty-something Harold still lives with his aged mother Hendrina. This is far from snug: the embittered mother puts her passion for vases above the love of her son and is very reproachful. This has made Harold believe he depends on her and is unable to make autonomous decisions. But then he hears another sound coming through the wall: the neighbors’ rebellious, recalcitrant adolescent son. In the reticent Harold, this awakens a desire to express himself too. Shortly after, his mother dies. What does this do to Harold?


I Need Space

Flavia Megna

Overwhelmed by the chaos and noise of her hometown in Sicily, Rosa longs for peace and quiet, feeling homesick for a place she has never known. Everything changes on the day of the Sun Festival, when she gets magically transported to the Moon.


Sugar Freed

Sarah Gaygen

Fed up with her dentist mother, a little girl finds herself in a world made of candy run by gummy bears. When she discovers that they harvest the rotten teeth of children, she must overpower them by the power of dental hygiene.




For more than two hundred years, astronomers have been wondering what asteroids are actually like. They believe that these primitive rocks have been concealing countless secrets for billions of years. From the depths of space to laboratories on Earth, scientists are trying to unlock these secrets. The rocks are time capsules that will allow them to go back in time to the formation of the solar system, and the creation of Earth. Recently, major space agencies around the world have sent unmanned missions to asteroids. The most daring ones are collecting asteroid samples and bringing them back to Earth. These expeditions hold a host of surprises for researchers and shake up our understanding of asteroids


Mr Disco Pants Episodes 1-4

William Dunz

Mr Disco Pants is a stop animation series about a depressed house cat, learning to cope with the death of his mother


The Rat

Yuanqing Cai

On a stormy night, a drunk man stumbles back home. Vomiting accompanied by vertigo in which he sees two huge rats in his house. Disgusted and cranky he desperately attacks the two rats hoping they will go away. After a night like that, the morning wind blows everything away, leaving only the broken family portrait.

Week 3

May 14 - May 20


Safe at Home

Zoë DeLeon

A stop motion short film about two roommates being "safe at home" during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Daily Bread

Manuel Sirgo

An exchange student living in Madrid sets out to buy a loaf of bread, but finds herself lost in translation, making unexpected connections on her journey.



Miles Jezuita

Compared to the bustling life of London’s City, in the quiet, static suburb, lurk foxes. Suburb is a glimpse into what mischief these enigmatic creatures wreak on their man-made surroundings.


The Wind and the Trees

Todd Allan Stewart

Deep in the boreal forest, a mature pine tree and a seedling begin a conversation. As the years pass, they observe the ever-present wind and the many ways it affects them. A quiet story about the circle of life. Adapted from the Governor General's Award nominated children's book of the same name. Il existe aussi une version française du film, intitulée "Quand le vent souffle".



Camryn A Davis

A young woman loses her grip on reality and encounters a darker side of herself.


Captain Crab

Thibault Joyeux, Daniel Schmidt

360 years later, the green planet has switched to "Zero Waste". Captain Crab and his friends foresee the end of an economy based on recycling robot waste. The crab inhabitants of the Junk Planet are dying. Their leader has a decision to make. Should he allow his people to eat each other, or go to a war he knows will be unsuccessful?


Holy Holocaust

osi wald, Noa Berman-Herzberg

A dark family secret from the past is revealed unexpectedly and opens an abyss between two close friends: Jennifer, a German, discovers that she is the black granddaughter of a Notorious Nazi commander, and her life is turned upside down, while Noa, an Israeli, is doing whatever she can to prevent her life from turning around


A Comic's Relief

Alex Torres

Lately we've all been needing a little comic relief, wouldn't you agree? This short film is a raunchy satire about cancel culture and the impact it has on stand-up comedy. It centers around infamous comedian Louis CK and his fall from the public-eye.


Adventures With The Caretaker

Peter Gardner

A man has a secret job taking care of creatures like Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster, and The Abominable Snowman.


Meal on the Plate

Chenglin Xie

You are what you eat. In a world where people start to look like the thing they eat the most of, you can take this quite literally. When a newcomer prefers different eating habits, the visible consequences turn the world upside down.


Ninety-five Senses

Jerusha Hess, Jared Hess

An ode to the body’s five senses, delivered by a death-row inmate with little time left to enjoy them. Tim Blake Nelson and a diverse team of animators from Latin America and the U.S. bring to life this bittersweet tale of regret and redemption from visionary duo Jerusha and Jared Hess.


Who are you?

Tilde Liv Källström

Who are you? Who have you been and who will you be? All of us have at some point missed the way you used to be or felt a longing for someone you could become. What happens to the old versions of ourselves? How do we accept that they are gone? Who are you is an 2D digitally animated student short film. It is loosely based on my cancer treatment I went through while making it.


Shakespeare for all Ages

Hannes Rall

Shakespeare's works are timeless - this film proves it! Awarded with the Seal of Approval"Highly Recommended" the highest distinction of the FBW, the German federal authority for evaluating and rating film and media. "How can you give the target and age group "smartphone" an overview of the work of this unique literary genius without getting bogged down in long-winded lectures on verse and drama theory? The filmmaker and artist Hannes Rall has turned this consideration into a very short and yet for that very reason so great animated film. (...) He succeeds in depicting the poet's most famous plays in an immediately recognisable way with individual images that flow dynamically into one another. A smart, entertaining and coherent Shakespeare homage in about 3 minutes."


A King I Once Knew

Grayson Durham, Joshua Myers

High above the clouds, music and magic intertwine as a flying cowboy's melody brings the story of a misguided king to life.


The Better Angels

Michael Cusack

A young soldier trying to escape the horrors of war, finds an abandoned house and within its walls the stories of what might have been.


Swallow Flying to the South

Mochi Lin

Spring 1976, 5-year-old Swallow is abandoned at a public boarding preschool in central Beijing. When the persimmons are ripe, Swallow masters how to cry, but doesn't forget how to fly.



Martin Bell

In World War One, a former rugby player for Great Britain must rely on his old skills to save himself and his fellow soldiers from shot, shell and poison gas.


The Seine's tears

Yanis Belaid, Eliott Benard, Nicolas Mayeur, Etienne Moulin, Hadrien Pinot, Lisa Vicente, Philippine Singer, Alice Letailleur

17 october 1961, "Algerian workers" get down the streets to manifest against the mandatory curfew imposed by the Police prefecture.


The Benefactors

Christophe Lopez-Huici

A weary young man thinks he found the perfect patrons for his rickshaw tours, but he soon finds out that his new customers can be very demanding.


A Brief History of Us

Etgar Keret

The story is about a couple who have gone so long together that they almost became one.


Good Job

Eric BRADFORD, Techin CHEN, Virág NEGYEDY, Jose Alejandro SEGURA MENA

With her deadline fast approaching, Mimi the cat panics across the vast halls of a tech company on a mission to gain approval from her uncaring superiors.


Self in Progress

Kayla Lehman

Self in Progress follows a young woman's experience with anxiety and mental illness and her journey of healing through acceptance and self-compassion. The film draws inspiration from the aesthetics of Surrealism to visualize this mental health journey.



Lesley Ung

Dénouement: A Subjective Reflection on Death, Loss and Grief through Animation Practice Dénouement is a practice-based research project that engages with the emotionally fraught and complex experience of losing a loved one. The research positions the medium of hand-drawn animation as rich territory for exploring visual expressions of the internal, psychological, and abstract dialogue when grieving. As a personal reflection of inarticulable feelings, the aim is not to show the world as it is but as it is travelled through psychologically. The final short film underpins the practitioner’s passion for drawing the world (as they see it), moving it in time and moving those who view the work, emotionally.


A Night at the Cemetery

Stelios Polychronakis

In the Mediterranean island of Crete, Maria heads to the cemetery every Friday to tend her beloved husband's grave. When the bus that picks her up breaks down, she will be forced to spend the night among the tombstones.


The Grasshopper and the Ants

Justin Gabaldon

Based on the Aesop fable of the same name, a poor lonely grasshopper begs a


Pour Games

Patrick Smith

Diabolical wine glasses participate in a sadistic game of power dynamics, playfully terrorizing a smaller species. The game is interrupted when a self-sacrificial rebellion breaks out, shattering the cycle of abuse.. momentarily.


Moominvalley 304: Inventing Snork

Darren Robbie

Moomintroll tries to help Snork make friends in the valley using his clever inventions. But Snork’s gifts backfire and Moomintroll asks him to be ‘less Snork’ in order to make folk like him.


Transfigured Night

GAO Shengjie

A long and arduous conquest of the artist's expression.


DIMEBAG (Teaser)

Jimmy Prosser

Teaser for adult animated series DIMEBAG. Dimebag is an animated series for teens and adults. Yes, it is an epic stoner tale but one with the sometimes dark traditional anime themes, including a protagonist struggling to overcome an inner conflict passed on through the generations. Logline: LOGLINE: After a health scare at her legendary father’s funeral, stoner Des Consuelos embarks on a journey to take his spot atop the boxing world, while her grief-stricken Lung vows to make her body a living hell.


Mariupol. A Hundred Nights

Sofiia Melnyk

«Mariupol. A Hundred Nights» tells us a story of a little girl, who wakes up on February 24th because of the air alert and tries to find someone living in the burning city. The main character is based on the story of Alice, a 4 year girl, who stayed in the blocked Mariupol during the whole time, she was also at Azovstal during the last month of defense. When russians allowed the evacuation of civilians from Asovstal, Alice was separated from her mother. A poem used in the film is «The wheels, the wheels, they hit the road» («Кolesa hlukho stukotiat») by Vasyl Stus who was a Ukrainian poet and an active member of the dissident movement in the 60's and 70's. Stus was repressed and died in GULAG. The film was initiated by Gogolfest, a Ukrainian festival of contemporary art, which last 5 years was involved deeply in cultural life of the city, and was created in the frame of the collaboration project “Belief Matters” between German & Ukrainian artists.


Hot News

Sofia Silkina

In February 2019, an electric meter exploded in my grandmother's house. Running away from the fire, I found myself incredibly happy about it. Three years later, I decided to talk about it with my friends.



Anna Phuong Nguyen, Winston Liu, Lilian Yu Wen Cao

A film that documents snippets of daily lives and memories within the suburbs of Cabramatta and Canley Vale. Focusing on sensory experiences, people and relationships, children and the elderly, workers, gossiping aunties and the overwhelming feeling you get when you’re in Cabramatta that memories are constantly being created all around you.


The Sphere

Manuel Sumberac

A shift in the routine inevitably disrupts the harmony between Io and the Sphere causing the irreversible destruction of their coexistence by creating a new, seemingly different reality that will set new rules, a new routine.


Wish I Were There

Neil Baker

A poetic ode to the flawed but compelling English seaside, where childhood memories of endless days of play are nostalgically rekindled if you look beyond the noise and take in the beauty of where sea meets land.


No Wrong Turns

Aiden Vetterlein

“No wrong turns” conveys through visual metaphors, that are vacant of human depiction, the very human experience of avoiding and confronting decisions. The film uses automobiles as the vehicle of this message. This is the 2022 BFA student thesis film of Pacific Northwest College of Art alumni Aiden Vetterlein.



Nikita Ratnikov

A toy orca from a childhood appears in our heroes' life. Now it looks like a big actual mammal which has a defined mission: lead the heroine from her everyday life to an adventure she was waiting for.


Chee & Cofi

Kyra Morgan Kupetsky, Zee Myers

A compilation of moments from the series Chikn Nuggit of Cheezborger the cat and Cofi the sheep’s blossoming relationship.

Week 4

May 21 - May 27


Once I passed

Martin Gerigk

Walt Whitman is one of the most important poets in American literature. His main work, Leaves of Grass, was written over a period of forty years, and describes human nature, society, and the natural world, both physically and philosophically. Many have speculated about Whitman's private life, to this day. Whitman never wrote publicly about his personal relationships. In 1860, he published his poem "Once I Passed Through a Populous City", an aphoristic account of a romantic relationship with an unknown woman. In 1925, the original handwritten copy of the poem was discovered, in which Whitman writes, however, not about a woman but about an affair with a man in an anonymous city, which may have been his first physical experience of love. Whitman did not dare to publish the original version of his poem, because of the social prejudices of his time. To this day, only the altered version is printed in most anthologies. "Once I passed" is dedicated, on the one hand, to the obviously autobiographical context with all its personal drama, and on the other hand to the content of the poem itself, the profoundly quiet, yet powerful story of two lovers.



Zachary Tyler Vickers

Using primarily archive footage and sound, PURR is a compressed memory of a six-month old kitten, Elliot, before he passed away from the rare disease Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), aka "The Purring Disease." Rotoscope and hand-drawn animation in crayon on Elliot's Xeroxed medical reports. [2:40s]



Ian Chan, Jean-Louis Khaou

We follow a mother raising a child in a post-apocalyptic world - a world torn down by robots. Unbeknownst to the child however his mother is also one of them.


Floating city

Chit Ng

Floating City is a 3D animation inspired by the tense and busy life in Hong Kong. The animated film refers to daily life in Hong Kong. The servility of Hong Kong people is too heavy. It expresses the irony and anxiety of Hong Kong people, forming a rapidly developing urban landscape. Nowadays, people become indifferent and tense all the time. They put time on their job first and work like slaves. People are as busy as bees, paying monthly mortgages for their properties and everyday items. They define themselves as submissive identities, succumb to labor exploitation such as reality, cruel working environment, and overtime. Without extra time to entertain or rest. They just working hard to survive and have a poor quality of life. Their life seems to become formulaic, repeat the working mode day by day. Even if there are accidents such as traffic jams, health problems, it is not a reason or obstacle to stop work. The story starts when the protagonist dies, whose ghost later flows around the floating city and peeps into the ‘normal’ life of Hong Kong people. The whole animation deliberately extracts the emotion of the people surrounding the protagonist to accentuate his marginalized situation, which is the norm for most people in the floating city. This animation criticizes the impersonality of this society and the exploitation of laborer in this capitalist society. The irony reflection and rapid development of Hong Kong is the main point of the video. Express people’s negative attitudes towards daily life becoming indifferent, anxious and tired. Even if some accidents happen, they mostly focus on their work and don't want to waste time on other things. In the context the animated film, it referred to the busy areas of Hong Kong, reconstructed the structure and shape, and turned it into a “floating city”. There are also a high pedestrian flow and traffic problems.


C'est la vie

Jacek Olejnik, Rafał Sankiewicz, Wojciech Sankiewicz, Bartosz Terlicki

How to maintain well balanced life, how not to fall, when everything around is falling? How to progress when all solutions seem to be wrong? Which part should I play in the finest arts of all such as the art of live? Some of out everyday decisions may seem meaningless, whilst others affect us for years, occasionally putting our world upside down. The latest Ferajna Filmowa Kapok's movie is a short story about the man who actually faces the most peculiar moment of art of balance, art of choice, art of life. C'est la vie!


Fiesta Blood

Elena Fazio

An avenging piñata is fighting back against the brutality of birthday party piñata murder on a mission to save his fellow brethren.


Exotic Dimensions "A Maiden Made Not of Clay"

Kohei Takeda

The setting of this story is early modern Ireland. Many battles broke out. The bard harper plays harp with recalling his memories. His mind is stuck in the past without noticing the truth. *long synopsis version The setting of this story is early modern Ireland. Many battles broke out. The lonely bard harper was stuck in the past memories and kept playing the harp to calm himself. He kept following his sorrow for having lost his lover in the war and couldn't be happy. The beautiful butterfly flying around him was out of his sight. When he saw his lost lover's illusion, and it disappeared, his emotion exploded with anger for her death in the ridiculous war. After he blasted out all his emotions, he got some space in his mind. His mind was back to the present and noticed there was a butterfly flying around him. He received telepathy from the butterfly that the butterfly was his lost lover, their beautiful memories were still alive in her, she didn't vanish but became phantasmagoric, and see and support him from everywhere. When he knew the truth, his emotional scars were healed and he was released from the past and decided to live brightly for the future.



Barbara Peikert

Tagline Snowshine is a fast-paced fiction with ghost-shadow actors Pluto-n I II III encountering red dot signals in a snowy landscape and trying to capture light-shaped silhouettes and sound fantasies in the sky. SYNOPSIS The protagonist Pluto-n flits across the snowy landscapes as a shadow actor. A red dot lets the aliens know that Pluto-n is on a unique mission in search of wishes. He is torn between pursuing his mission and simultaneously standing up for his natural surroundings, which he sees as his point of light. Identifying himself as a red dot hacker, Pluto-n goes to a ghost turn under the snow, under a cabin, and he discovers the shocking truth - the life he knows is the elaboration of a magical cyber intelligence. The film speeds up even more when a team of ghost shadow Pluto-n researchers travel through red holes in space to ensure the survival of scripts and patterns that hold a lot of mystery.



Andre Marques Almeida

This is a story about a man and a cat. No sorry… A man, a cat and a dream. Wait… probably a man, a cat, a dream and a vespa! It’s about relationships and how they can shape our life forever. But it’s also about a weird character and his cat who claims his way to the eternity. Maybe it’s just a story about a man and a cat. But a good one.


Bangkok Hangover

3D-animated music video Bangkok Hangover winds through a cityscape with curious features. Skyscrapers contort, caged rocks dance, and blobs undulate to the electrifying percussion and synths. A heightened audiovisual experience results from precise edits and strange scenes mirroring the experimental sound. This project explores bizarre visions of a modern world, in a time when current events feel more shaken up.


Of Wood

Owen Klatte

"Of Wood" is a unique experimental stop motion film created by progressively carving images in a large round of wood, enhanced with wooden objects coming out of the wood. It examines the role of wood in daily life through the ages and comments on the impact of consumerism on our lives.


Children of August

Marcella Rosalia Maggio

Set in 1967, a devout disciple must help her cult leader escape as the police close on their commune.



Julia Trachtenberg

Yana tells of a proverb that was told in her family from generation to generation, "to love with all your heart, and to shake like a pear." When Yana immigrated to Israel, she had long hair ,it was too much for the Israeli heat, which forced her mother to comb her hair every morning and make sure her hair was tied up well in braids.



Mocong Yuan

A cat was grabbed by a group of scientists for an experiment. Being unaware of its own interdimensional travel due to the experiment, it explored the surroundings out of its curious feline nature. Schrödinger’s Cat reinterpreted.


A Fleeting Moment

Allyanna Demafeliz

An animated short film that follows the journey of two raindrops, and how they come to terms with what it means to be alive.


Office Hours

Brian E.F. Oakes

A stop-motion animation project shot over a period of ten years.



Henk Coetzee

When Dorothy is siting under the tree to throw out her father's ashes, her memories of him return to teach her something. She has to face some demons in her grief, and can only be free after she manages these emotions.


Winter Wind

Jeremy Andriambolisoa, Théo Duhautois, Quentin Wittevrongel, Alicia Massez, William Ghyselen, Thomas Dell'Isola

Caught up in a violent snowstorm, the rabbits seek refuge in their king's Castle.


O'o: The Last Voice of Kauai

Hanah Cincotta

O'o: The Last Voice of Kauai is an environmental film about human-caused extinction featuring a bird known as the Kauaʻi ʻōʻō, which was once endemic to the Hawaiian island of Kaua'i.


Immobile Stars

Noémi Gruner, Séléna Picque

Chenghua, aged 9, is preparing a school project on space travel with her best friend. She cannot find enough time to do this as she is constantly asked to translate for her parents. They do not speak French and are dependent on their child; they do not realize that they are placing too heavy a weight on her young shoulders. ‍ Chenghua can take no more and tries to break free from her family. Her desire for space and natural enthusiasm will help her take those steps.


Sex Relish (a solo orgasm)

Ananda Safo

In this endless pandemic area, where our sexuality has sometimes had to evolve, has been tested, women from different backgrounds offer their intimate testimonies, addressing their desires and pleasures in solitude.


Film for Storm de Hirsch

Gwendolyn Audrey Foster

Rephotographed psychedelic painted and scratched images, collaged and abstracted. An homage to underground experimental poet and filmmaker, Storm de Hirsch; one of the great unsung women in avant-garde film. “I don't want to put any labels on my films… I never impose on you; you need to find what you have to find.” ― Storm de Hirsch "Film for Storm de Hirsch" [aka "Women's Time"] is a handmade film and a tribute to legendary filmmaker Storm de Hirsch, one of the pioneers of underground experimental cinema in the 1960s, along with other female directors such as Marie Menken, Barbara Hammer, Gunvor Nelson, Joyce Wieland, Shirley Clarke, Barbara Rubin and many others. "Film for Storm de Hirsch" includes images of clothespins and film leader, slowed down to suggest the idea of women's waiting, women's time, women's spaces; women artists and filmmakers 'waiting' to be rediscovered. Their work lives on and inspires so many young experimental filmmakers and female video artists who search for the path of the many avant-garde women who paved the way in experimental film, video and art.


My Grumpy Grandpa

Komi Messan Anthony

In a small town in France, Hugo, an 8 year old kid, is trying to escape his angry alcoholic Grandpa, who turned into a big and scary monster.



Audrey Maxon

This is a PSA about human immunodeficiency virus: what H.I.V. is and what treatments we have for it.


Little Somebody

Yaroslav Bulavin

Chronicle of the first contact with aliens. Little Earthling does not sleep and admires the stars. At this time, on the distant Green Planet, the Little Alien does not sleep in the same way. They send signals to each other and make an appointment.


Without End

Yuki Yujie Sun

“Without End,” is a two-minute experimental film, combining motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation. The conflict comes from a girl’s recurring dreams that keep her stuck in her past, back at school. At first, she’s content to linger there but certain signs and symbols begin appearing, urging her to wake up. The dream space starts to collapse as she realizes her dreams are isolating her from the real world. When she tries to escape, however, she falls into even deeper dreams. The character keeps trying to escape, but the audience never knows if she does.


Moominvalley 308: Lonely Mountain

Darren Robbie

Moomintroll cancels his hibernation to go find Snufkin in the mysterious Lonely Mountains instead. Snufkin doesn’t like that his solitude is disrupted and Moomintroll hurries off, into a storm.




In childhood, every child believes that there is a Santa Claus who fulfills all wishes. Even the little insect that invaded my house believes in miracles and longed for its own orchard. What will be his next dream?


La Calesita

Augusto Schillaci

A heartfelt story of the beloved Argentinian merry-go-round operators who have dedicated their lives to providing fun and happiness to children and their neighborhoods. This is a story of perseverance and community above the individual.



Fan Shi

One day, after hitting by his mom, a little boy fell into the world of the mirror. A long umbilical cord was attached to his belly when he opened his eyes. Led by the umbilical cord, he was involved in many scary spectacles which cause his mental breakdown. Finally, by returning to the womb, he found peace.


Shelter in Place

Clare Chun

Symbiotic relationship between woman and cat during the pandemic.



Alex St. Pierre

A mercenary treasure hunters breaks into an ancient forgotten city, and encounters an entity she did not expect. Created and animated by one-man-team Alex St. Pierre, with music by composer Toft Willingham, Forlorn uses the power of the Unreal Engine to tell a story of adventure and horror within a new frontier of CG animation.


Morning Joy

John Henry Hinkel

A recently widowed pianist has an unexpected encounter.


Keep Going

Keep Going is a story about a student trying to get into dance school, presented through his recollections. Throughout his application process, tragedy strikes and he must fight through his emotions in order to achieve his goal.


Warrior King

Lu Qi

In this epic origin story inspired by the Tibetan legend of King Gesar, a young man grows up in exile in a world overrun by demons and monsters. When evil forces threaten his home, he returns to claim his birthright, save his people, and embrace his destiny as humanity’s best hope.


The Basement

The movie touches on the lives of all kids, how they were isolated and driven to study online during the covid lockdown yet kept a positive attitude during long isolation, and most importantly, how they overcame fears to help a sick grandma.

Week 5

May 28 - June 3



Lisa Nguyen, Pete Malicki

A beautiful bride-to-be is planning her wedding. Blood diamonds, poaching wildlife, bringing celebrities back from the dead - her man is struggling to keep up with her increasingly outrageous demands. Can he really give her what she needs?



Jake Armstrong

A robot on the quest for gas to stay operating? Or something more?



Tom Carey

A young boy named Will is starting to come to terms with his sexuality. When his friends start to put pressure him to admit things that he’s not ready to share, Will has to learn the hard way that true acceptance won’t come from anyone else, but himself.


Hole of Dreams

Si yu Huang

Once upon a time, there was a planet full of holes, where the elves would bring the dreams of two different people to exchange, and their world become colorful because of the exchange of dreams. However, he was the only one who had no friend who can dream with,Staring at the hole planet all day long. One day, he saw himself as a child in the hole planet…



Jennifer Wu, Kym Santiana, Ruyee Lu, Christopher Hsueh, Nicole Taylor-Topacio, Joy Zhou, Ruby Saysanasy, Miranda Li, Saul Benavides

A story of a taxi that transfers the youth of the passengers to the driver.


The Pillar Of Strength

Aie Ibrahim

When human beings value the life of nature, where they respect and learn from it, then it can strengthen the loving relationship between nature and human. Pillar of Strength is a narrative storytelling about a child from the Iban tribe in the Borneo archipelago who gets strength from the spiritual energy delivered through the God of War, 'Sengalang Burong' who comes from heaven as a dignified god. ‘Sengalang Burong’ who is considered to be an intermediary between human life, animals and nature has helped this child who helped him identify his origin and take responsibility as a child of the Iban tribe who is an example to his community.




A writer who is threatened by government officials to stop writing for political reasons. For this reason, he is in constant fear in reality and fantasy and is no longer able to write. In the end, he ignores his fears and starts writing.


Mora Mora

Jurga Šeduikytė

Little Mora is sinking into an endless sea. What looks like a little island appears to be a floating piano – her transitory salvation. Discovering she can conjure up the wind by pressing piano keys, Mora starts a journey through a dormant world. Getting acquainted with its features and creatures, Mora looks for ways to bring it back to life.


Garbage People: The Grimsian

Brit Tobin

The Grimsian Patches and Peel head to the foothills to set a trap for a mysterious creature known as "The Grimsian" to discover they are the ones who've been trapped. Garbage People is an adult animated sitcom created by Brit Tobin. The series follows a jaded plush bunny, Patches, and a savage banana peel (Peel) through their madcap adventures in the dumpster town of Trash.


The Law Of The Jungle Gym

Yoon Hei Cho

Lunchtime at a peaceful school, children discover that they can transform into animals, the only problem is when would they stop?


Blossom Together

Martin JS McNally

A film about the importance of nature in the city.


Path of Pieces

Charles Caster-Dudzick

Half animated, half live action; rendered in surreal scissors-and-glue style video collage and set to a ferocious musical score, a young dancer finds that special things happen when you get lost in the city.



Steve Nguyen

“Stella” is a short animated lo-fi musical visual depicting a young girl attempting to find her happy place amid uncertain environmental circumstances.


Who Puts A Fishbowl Here?

Lis Jiangnan Lin

‘Who Puts A Fishbowl Here?' is a video journey of a 20-year-old girl, it explores inner consciousness through dreams. As an old Chinese saying by Wang, Yangming says ‘nothing exists beyond consciousness’, people’s consciousness and all those other than it (better job positions, wonderful objects, beautiful houses, or a so-called successful life, etc. ) reflect each other. Beyond our dreams, we are able to touch the truth of our consciousness, inner minds, and souls, which could be one way of making us achieve the enlightenment of happiness.


Journey in amnesia

Anouk Kilian-Debord

Loïc, formerly worker in a gravel quarry, has lost all his memory after an accident. Ever since, he has cut himself off from the world. One day, an event pushes him to go outside, where he witnesses the first snowfall since his amnesia. Loïc gets absorbed by long forgotten sensations and wanders. In his mind, he finds the way back to his quarry.


The Moon Followed Me To Falmouth

Joël Gibbs

A seafarer sings the story of how he, as a young man, left Falmouth looking for a new life on the High Seas. During his voyage, he recounts how the moon began to follow him, watching his every move. After months at sea, the ship arrived at a topical island where the moon lead him to his first true love awaiting on the beach. But the moon became envious of their love, drove them apart, and forced the young man, heartbroken and alone, back to Falmouth. Every time he looks up at the night sky, the moon is always there, reminding him of a love lost so many years ago.


Best in Show

Haley Jameson

Live footage from the 2022 National O.A.T (Outstanding Athletic Tournament) Best in Show Dog Competition. 6 dogs compete for the Golden Bone trophy, the Good Boy ribbon, and the prestigious title of Best in Show.


The Basilisk

Chloé Delestrain, Owen Masson, Lancelot Myja Le Guludec, Morrigane Haudry, Nathan Peyren, Gaël Lejeune, Baptiste Belperin

Walter gets a call from his collegue about an AI, that potentially would save humanity. He decides to ignore it, then he is thrown in his own representation of hell, as a punishmenent from it.


The Giant and the witch

Rói Davidsen

A story about a Giant and a witch which they want to steal The Country The Faroe islands and pull it to Islands



Adél Palotás

The „LIGHTS” animation short's characters are people with lamp heads, who are living in a modern city. These robot like beings are made in a factory, where our main character is working, but he is different from the others because of his old incandescent lamp head, which isn't accepted by the new LED lamp generation. He needs to hide it, but when his secret is discovered, he has to run away from the city, but the outside world has a more shocking truth. The lamp people's society is a metaphor of our, human society. The message wants to reflect on discrimination between groups with different culture, origin, appearance, religion, orientation, etc. Also it wants to draw attention to our continous seek for new products and throwing away the old ones.



David Amberg

Two years after a gaybashing, Michael and Alex are still feeling the aftershocks in their relationship. Things continue to get complicated, as Michael’s dissociations start becoming reality.


Mass for Shut-ins

Gwendolyn Audrey Foster

A fever dream. An infinitely morphing kaleidscopic stained glass window; bells that remind me of the sounds of Amsterdam, my second home after New York. Frantic REM sleep kicks in around 5 minutes... A pandemic film made under quarantine, Spring 2020. Hand-painted 16mm film. Direct animation. A camera-less Fluxus film. How do we survive this pandemic? We survive through art & music.



Julia Thonig

The adventurer Alphons is searching for the mythical Mayan bird God 'Kukul' which rules over the Mexican jungle. To prove his existence, he wants to catch the bird God at all costs.



“REALIGN” is an animation film about space and time dimension. It depicts a boy who reverberate confusedly around the room, street and the lake outside the gigantic wall, which he decided to take the step toward the line that behold the gravity of whole after thunderstorms corroded the time.


tears tears tears

Ewa Maria Wolska

"tears tears tears" is an experimental stop-motion animation made only of water and light… an homage for human heart and all the emotions that make it beat, subtle or dramatic, stubborn or volatile... The process of creating the film lasted for 6 months and for its author it was a long meditative amd therapeutic process. Words written with frozen letters were melting under the eye of the camera for about 30 minutes, while on the screen they appear for a few or a dozen seconds, sometimes disappear in the blink of an eye or stay longer, repeat and repeat themselves.


An Autumn Dusk’s Dream

Shaoxiong Song

An Autumn Dusk’s Dream is a 3D short film about a deceased grandfather coming back to his house and sees his grandson one last time. Memories linger in the house: the hallway is quiet, belongings are intact, and shadow appears. Their love for each other transcends their different realities.


Hoang the Paper Boy

Ly Bolia

Hoang a country boy uses his paper folding skills to prove his worth to the Princess Thy Mai.



Angelina Dukhonina

“Snowmom” is a 2 minute animated short film focused on the themes of family, support, loss and grief. This film tells a story about a man and his son who are grieving the tragic loss of their mother and wife. When the boy builds a snowman that resembles his late mother, his father finally realizes that his boy is missing the parental attention and love. It's time for them both to move on. But how will they do it? And will they?


Buckets City

Dave Quion

The tribulations of two lifelong friends playing streetball against neighborhood bullies.



Keum-Taek Jung

“White” is an experimental animation with computer-generated sound. Geometric figures of symbolism are explored through the texture and color of metamorphosis and transformation. The interrelationships between sound and animated images represent an expression of another dimension in time and space. The visual imagery was created by using a digital microscope and a DSLR camera with the technique of frame-by-frame.



Nick Pascoal

The serenity and calm of the peaceful countryside is brought to an abrupt halt when a mysterious colossal nemesis invades. The only person who lives there is an isolated man in his home, whose anxiety and paranoia are about to be pushed to its limits.


Night Drives: The Human Condition

Jono Hunter

In an episode of this yet-to-be-released web series, video game executives discuss the new DLC for one of the best city simulation games of all time.


Black Wing

Tim Main

In rich Australian bushland, we find a Cormorant bird. She stands statuesque drying her wings and begins to guide us through her story. Following the beats of an ever-changing landscape, we are guided on a poetic journey gaining a deeper understanding of the adaptable and abstruse Seabird. Crafted entirely in Unreal Engine 5 Black Wing takes a unique approach to its use of CGI as it parallels the visual texture and tangible beauty of the natural world rather than taking a more digital and tech-feeling approach. Using a raw black and white lens it blends landscape and wildlife photography styles to capture the detail of the Australian landscape and create a dreamlike mood for its story.


Miles Davis - What’s Love Got to Do With It

Irina Rubina

Star People strolling through the night. Each of them alone, in their own dance, accompanied by shiny flowing waves. Those small sparkling dashes can lead them out of the darkness into surrealistic, mysterious and cheerful scenery, if everything goes right…



Amaia Bonachera, Ander del Molino, Gonzalo Ernesto Fernandez, Gorka Junquera, Ane Unzalu, Robert Mcbride

A robot whose job is to collect mechanical items from the forest, spots a nymph that fascinates and draws him. With the objective of looking alike the creature, in order to meet her, he stars dressing up with natural elements while a caterpillar decides if the costume is valid or not.



Margot Reumont

At her father's request, Coline returns to her childhood bedroom to sort through her belongings. The various objects she finds there plunge her into the memories of her childhood. Among them stand out those that have marked her to this day.


Aluminum Assets

Emma Hillebrecht

A woman made of tinfoil follows a sketchy tutorial in hopes of becoming more beautiful.


We are the Earth

Zoé Rose

In a world crushed by pollution, conflicts, eco anxiety, alienation of the individual and fear of the future, a human being is lying down, hopeless and surrounded by shadow. Yet, anger and refusal of the disaster to come will ignite in him/her - and in us all - a flame of life, carrying the hope of a better tomorrow.


Len & His Spitfire

Noelle Duddridge

As a young child of the 1920’s, Len sustained serious injuries from a dynamite blast cap.  As a young adult, despite his disability, he enlisted in the fight against the Germans in World War II. Adventures and near deaths ensue, after he finds himself in the cockpit of a Spitfire.

Week 6

June 4 - June 10


There is Nothing Nice Deep Within

Fiorella Spitzer

A girl’s repressed feelings burst to the surface like devastating fire, destroying reality, forcing her to flee to a subconscious world where she has to face her demons.


Unconditional Love

Wallis Liu

Unconditional Love is about parents making a kite for their kid with which they teach him to fly. This kite is a symbol for the things he needs to learn in order to be independent. After the child has the ability to control the kite, his parents leave and let him take control of the kite and his life. They still love and watch him from nearby.



Caitlin Wong

Night descends on Hong Kong, a young girl prepares for bed, but the city does not sleep. Lights from outside illuminate her room, taking a dark turn when riots encroach upon her area casting dark shadows, which morph and distort to reflect the anger and anguish of the protestors outside.



Sam Walton

A mystical sushi-chef finds something unexpected in their fridge!


What Time Is It?

Eric Giessmann, Piers Goffart

He travels back in time ten years to meet his younger self and give him a message. A message that is of tremendous importance for his future life!



Liam Norman

Short animated film about the adventures of a snake and a donut.


Shall We Talk?

Katya Mikheeva

Polina is a bisexual Russian girl. This short film documents her coming out to a family.


Sweet Revenge

Michael Dopfer, Thomas Forstner, Gabriela Treffs

Sweet Revenge is set in 1950s American suburbia. It centers on the rivalry between the neighbors Anna and Betty, who both participate in a baking contest. Instead of playing fair, both women sabotage each other's baking.



Clarke Stallworth

An industrial artifact set in a lonely landscape continues operation over time despite the absence of a purpose. This semi abstracted narrative focuses on time, and the inherent beauty of all forms.


The Spark

Artem Shcherbakov, Otar Berov

An opponent, pressure from stands and feeling of fear make young boxer doubt his abilities. Once his ancestors from past times and various cultures found themselves in a hopeless situation. They face a choice - to give up or overcome the fear and move forward.


Into The Field

Nicole McGuire

In a vast field, a young girl experiences the beauty of life as it moves around her as she dies and becomes a tree.


Trojan Horace

Scott Graham

A group of Greek warriors try to pass through the walls of the great city of Troy, but meet their match in a clueless Trojan guardsman.



Fernanda Lozada

Efil Cisó, young heir to the prestigious family of Bouclette’s barbers decides that he doesn’t want to continue with the family tradition and wants to pursue his dream of being a baker.


Wake Up the City

Chih-Chung Wang

It is based on a short story, "Rooster Crowing in the Photo" from Ji Zong Hua. The story tells the tale of an old farmer who loves his land. He lives along with the rhythm of nature, listening to the rooster crowing, starting to work as the sun rises, and finishing working as the sun sets. Even when he moves to Guandu from Hualian by foot, he walks barefoot while carrying a pair of chickens with him. The sound of “rooster crowing” is a form of trust in the reliance on nature and the universe. However, with time passing, he can no longer farm so he moves into his son’s apartment in Taipei. He misses his life as a farmer. Frequently looking at the rooster in the photo, he misses the rooster’s crowing in the farming village; he misses everything about the village. He wants to listen again to that crowing sound of the rooster, which has been sealed in his memory. Working mostly as farmers, the Hakka people used to start working when the sun rose. For the older generations, rooster crowing symbolizes the reveille that signals a day of labor. It is highly associated with the Hakka communities. Yet, the modern Hakka families, especially those living in the urban areas, can no longer hear roosters crow. We would like to reenact the old man’s affection for the rooster through the text and evoke the collective memory of the city-dwelling Hakka people.


Thou Shalt Dance

Abtin Yaghmaian

In a normal day a normal man finds an abnormal solution for his problem.



Aria Analise Dines

A love letter.



Michael Lavine

A short stop motion animation about a character named Thyth who wakes up locked in a dungeon and attempts a quick-witted escape.



Nayla Nassar, Edouard Pitula, Renaud de Saint Albin, Cécile Adant, Anaïs Sassatelli, Candice Behague

Beirut, 1982. As Nicolas prepares to flee his hometown, torn apart by an endless civil war, he crosses the path of Naji, a reckless teenager determined to go to the Swimming Pool. Trying to protect the young man, Nicolas finds himself pulled into a surreal race against war, all for the mere freedom of going swimming.



Step Cheung, Kai Chung Ng

Things that we thought were gone may not truly leave us – perhaps they are still with us somehow. Life is full of ups and downs. Death is a natural part of life. This story inspires us to rethink our life and treasure every moment we have, just like the two inseparable little cats enjoying their life and experiencing the grief of death.



Joachim Hérissé

In an old building, lost in the middle of the swamp, live two strange women, Siamese twins by one leg. At night, the Flayed has terrifying nightmares in which she sees her sister's flesh covering her own body...


Puppet Story

Park se hong

Director Park and his Stop Motion Puppets. Lady Fairy, Woodcutter and Monster's Story. These days, in the digital age, analog is gone. Handmade animation is gradually decreasing. Of course, it is an efficient and natural result. Nevertheless, there is still someone somewhere Who produces analog animations. And This is their story.


Life and Butterflies

Pablo Reigada Ocaña

Life & Butterflies is a metaphor for life. We follow a kid playing with his ball until a butterfly captures his attention. From that point he'll learn that time flies and that there's no way to stop it since he can't stop growing up while following that butterfly.



Abas Askari

Mr. Kamali is the owner of a sanitarium who treat the patients by teaching them to make toys. The toys are creative, so they are very attractive for the children. But the toy studio shut because of sabotage and it led to patients’ critical mental status. Mr. Kamali tried a lot to solve the problem but he couldn’t do anything and he got terribly disappointed and sad. And then an angel of hope appeared…


Frederick Von Scholar's How-to Series

Jim Allison

Thanks to our new collection of how-tos, now anyone can make friends. Maybe.


Ocular Migraine

Zachary Tyler Vickers

A cameraless, abstract animation that expresses my experiences with the visual condition known as the “ocular migraine.” Spray paint, wood stain, and sandpaper on clear film leader with scratch technique. The soundscape was produced with a guitar amp and handling the end of the amp cord.


Labor of Love

Richard O'Connor

Mary Stepp Burnette Hayden was born into enslavement in Black Mountain, North Carolina. She was 7 years old when she was freed. She stayed in Black Mountain and became a midwife, delivering several hundred babies including her own grandchildren. Her granddaughter, Mary Othella Burnette, came to StoryCorps with her daughter, Debora Hamilton Palmer, to honor the family matriarch.


The Interrogation

Marisa Cohen, Peter Issac Alexander

Set several decades in the future, The Interrogation is a cat and mouse game between a corporate media executive performing a “loyalty test” and a savvy news director harboring a potentially game-changing secret. The Interrogation explores a mind-bending and often-psychedelic world where an all-powerful media company sets all the rules and demands religious like devotion from its employees. In just 6 minutes, this short animation takes the audience on an unexpected ride full of twists and turns. Based on the award-winning The Cloaked Realm Universe created by Peter Issac Alexander and Marisa L. Cohen, The Interrogation features hand-drawn animation, an original score by John Baxter, and sound design by Dara Crawford.



Tim Callies

A dysfunctional friend group goes on a road trip through the end of the world



Juan Menache

This is a 2D animated short film that presents a man who is separated from his dog and faces overriding grief. They eventually reunite but with an added twist that emphasizes healing and moving on. This story is told using cinematic camera techniques of economically reduced shots and was influenced by the spirituality and underwater imagery of films such as Life of Pi and Jaws. I enjoy animating characters with a wide range of emotions and let their body language and facial expressions tell the story


Puppets in Love

Hans Groper

A successful ventriloquist and his best friend suffer the perils of loneliness until one creative woman changes their lives for the better.


Meet Again (JAEHOE)

ap-sol KANG

‘Hanbyul’, a 14-year-old troubled girl lost in adolescence, experiences a strange festival in the middle of the night. ‘Hanbyul’ runs away from home on her fourteenth birthday because she feels anger against her mom who does not even send a congratulatory text message. She runs for a while and walks into a strange alley. Then, Hanbyul sights a recognizable memory when she encounters a girl who leads a group of monsters in the strange alley.


The Weak and Ephemeral

“Jakujaku” are herbivorous animals that live peacefully in the forest. They are tender and mild temper. But! They are at the very bottom of the food chain, being targeted by various predators. “Jakujaku” live a happy, carefree life, but once they are attacked by predators, they can only flee in a single mass (commonly known as a “Jakujaku ball”), like a flock of sardines. “The herbivores, who were born weak, just had to keep on being eaten..." One day, "Choro" the boss of the Jakujaku said "How long must we continue to be eaten in silence? The time has come for us to evolve.” while watching his family being eaten again today. Choro secretly proceeded with his plan for the evolution of Jakujaku. He gave the youngsters who excelled in one art the test of evolution, and the young Jyakujyaku successfully evolved.


Operation Frankenstein

José María Fernández de Vega

Three siblings find a broken mannequin in the dumpster and decide to rebuild it using whatever they can find. After that, they try to animate it like Dr. Frankenstein did with his monster.


Kiki & Annette: Affirmative Bitches

Bianca Francine Gantt

The girls are going out! If Kiki doesn't get too self-conscious, that is. It's up to Annette, Kiki's sentient cell phone, to save girls' night out with a "spiritual" affirmation.


Gretel Redux

Thomas Muschitz, James Barany

This narrative in an animated retelling of Gretel, a dark fable shot on location in the Driftless region of Wisconsin in 2012. This rotoscoped interpretation is a psychological tale about survival and madness, as two young children struggle to make their way out of a vast and threatening wilderness.



Michael Faust

Island recounts the history of a small secluded island over the course of several millennia, to reveal a telling lesson about human nature. From the island’s rise to riches to its ultimate fall into ruins, the film explores the island’s different chapters over time: a heap of boulders, a massive guano deposit, a tropical oasis, a colonial territory, a prosperous republic, and an open-pit mine eventually devouring the island to the point of bankruptcy and desolation.


"The Good Advice Cupcake"

Loryn Brantz, Zee Myers

The Good Advice Cupcake is the internet’s favorite aggressive cupcake. Canonically bisexual, Cuppy presents four of her best queer-related scenarios where she and her friends express their acceptance for each other and the damnation of those standing in their way.


Billy Buckaroo

Mike Maloney

When a lonely old man in a nursing home is barred from watching his favorite cowboy show, he goes through great lengths to ride again with his favorite hero.

Week 7

June 11 - June 17


Things I Like

Angaelica LaPasta

During the worldwide heartbreak of the COVID pandemic and the personal heartbreak of losing my father, I turned to my art as a way to heal and enjoy life again. When my work from before the pandemic felt too painful to return to I created "Things I Like," a short animated film about things I like to draw and think about with loving commentary by my friends. Take a brief, heart warming journey into my mind in "Thing I Like."



Brittany Biggs

Manō illustrates the human impact on sharks and coral reefs, as seen through the eyes of a Tiger Shark in Hawaiian waters over hundreds of millions of years.



Jana Kattan

Set in the occupied territory of modern-day Palestine, known as the West Bank, Checkpoint follows 11-year-old Leila, who wakes up before dawn every morning to try to get to school on time. Her obstacle is the military occupation of her environment, specifically, the notorious checkpoint she must cross every day to get to her school. Despite Leila’s best efforts to prepare, she cannot control the seemingly endless queue, or the strong possibility she will be randomly denied access to the other side.


Tall Order

Christophe Bouchard

At the height of the Prohibition, an unorthodox detective takes the mafia head-on.



Benjamin Burrell

After Alet risks his life to save a girl with mythical powers from a lightning strike, she leaves a trail, luring him to a better life. To find her and help her get back to her people, he must learn to trust in powers he doesn’t understand and overcome an oppressive government chasing them across a deadly landscape.


Wonderfully Made

“Called by name from a mysterious voice in the sky, a lonely child is taken on a visionary tour of all creation where he is transported to the most beautiful places in all the universe. He journeys through glowing caves, weaves through trees and ducks under huge rock formations, dives deep into grand canyons and beholds the majesty of cosmic nebulae. Yet in the midst of such wondrous grandeur, a feeling of insignificance overwhelms his heart. Alone in the vast sky, the child hears his name once again. He lifts his head to see the most wondrous sight he has ever witnessed. In that moment, he is thrust into an even more bewildering and beautiful journey within. Flashed before him are the intricate details of his iris, the neurons firing in his brain and the life-giving power of his heart pumping blood through his entire body. Suddenly it all comes together, the splendor of the universe and the wonder of his own life. What was once his greatest source of shame is now his greatest treasure. As the vision of his adventure is swiftly whisked away, a breath of enduring beauty remains ... “


The Best Grandfather in the World

Nina Bisyarina

Animated documentary about the childhood memories of the protagonist Felix, about his very close relationship with his grandfather and how everything changes when the grandson decides to come out as gay.


Ceramic Rabbit

Linnea Haga, Isobel Cassidy

Two ceramic rabbits try to rebuild their shattered home as they confront the fear of being broken Set in a cozy abuelita’s home in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the film portrays the romance between two ceramic rabbits, Hazel and Ben. Their life on a sewing desk is torn apart one day when an earthquake destroys their ceramic house. The fiery and self-sacrificing Hazel resolves to rebuild their home by gathering the shattered pieces and gluing them back together. Along the way, she must face her deepest fears and learns that love and security can be found even in something that broken.



Sonia Estévez

A female puppet appears locked in a room, prostrate on the floor and immobile. After several experiences, ropes are attached to her body and her movements begin to be more and more fluid. Each of the strings is associated with a scene related to an aspect of women's social problems, such as the body, equality or gender.


A Dream of Hawaii

Thomas Smoor Isaksen

In a world covered in plastic, Pete leads a nomadic life where he dreams of the pearly white beaches of Hawaii. Will his long journey bring him to a place not covered in plastic waste? A tale about plastic pollution stretched to the extreme and human hope for survival in a desperate situation.


Pondering The Heavens


An experimental telling of a young girl that lives in the moon. She ventures out into the world to find self-worth and love, and in her exploration she finds the answers she was looking for.


The Last Cloudweaver

Anna-Ester Volozh

High above the clouds, a Dragon is teaching his granddaughter the last vestiges of his craft - Cloud Weaving. A magical art form, it takes time and patience to learn, and although Skye’s ambitions are soaring, her skills still need practice. As the sun sets over the horizon and day turns to night, she slowly comes into her own, shouldering the responsibility of creation and accepting the passage of time.


Fleeting: Here & There

Gilnaz Arzpeyma

Mechanical and organic loops morph into each other in an experimental exploration of saturation and breath as a never-ending quest of presence.


An Illusory Joy

Chih-Chung Wang

Let’s travel back in time and watch the story about a diplomat. In the valley with beautiful butterflies fluttering around, children could capture butterflies as many as they wanted. By turning these butterflies into beautiful paintings, people made large sums of money and became materially comfortable. From a young age, the diplomat relied on capturing these butterflies to get the money she needed for studies and daily expenses. When the diplomat retired and came back to Taiwan, she noticed the butterfly valley was gone. After industrialization, the ecosystem was sabotaged and the beautiful scenery from her childhood memory was gone. Feeling at a loss, she made up her mind to restore the butterfly valley. The diplomat trying to rekindle her dream was like the girl in the animation; she transformed into a fluttering butterfly and flew towards the valley to restore that beautiful scenery in the past. A Chinese expression goes like this: waking up from a dream of impossible splendor. How wonderful that butterfly valley in our childhood memory is! Yet, the wonderful life people thought industrialization could bring is as illusory as a dream.


Dehbaraftab village

Ziba Arzhang

An old woman reviews her son's life from his birthday to his child's wedding dayWe are accompanied by the real life of the old woman's son from birth to his wedding day. The poacher changes the situation.



Matt O'Donnell

Short Synopsis A vulnerable mother reluctantly follows the lights of the forest, attempting to overcome her grief. Runelight is about the permanent impact that loss can have on our lives, and a reflection on how it can feel as though our world is literally changing around us. Plot Summary The dark cave of depression is a difficult place to leave, particularly for those coping with loss. This is the case for our main character in Runelight, a vulnerable forest creature who reluctantly follows the glowing lights leading her onwards out of the darkness. Day and night are used to express the character's emotional state. We see her at the beginning playing with her child, in a happy moment during the day time. We are then abruptly transported to her night time state, where she is in grief. She has moved, not only to night time, but to the darkest place she can find, the cave. Here she is able to live away from any light. Suddenly, when the light finds her, she is forced to finally leave her cave. We then travel with the character through the forest as she follows the lights and the blue butterfly. Arriving at a bioluminescent clearing, she realises this was her destination when a portal reveals itself. Unfortunately, the path onward from grief is never easy. She is pushed back as the forest starts to self-destruct. Does she flee, or carry on? In a moment of weakness, she turns to run. However she is then forced to confront her memories more directly. In her memory space, we discover the love that she has lost: her child. The significance of the butterfly we see in her night time state is also revealed. As our main character watches her memory-self lose her child again, she goes to help, but is abruptly transported back to her night time state. She realises that she cannot fix the past and, painfully, must accept that. After hesitating, she decides to face the struggle, push through the obstacles, fight. With effort, she reaches the portal and is transported back to day time. While calmer, day time is sadly not what it used to be for our main character. In the end, she disappears in a twinkling of blue light, much like her child. Nevertheless, her efforts to move forward cannot be undervalued.


The Dark Odyssey 2 - Ice Nexus

Michael Lavine

A skeptical astronaut discovers a lost spaceship and gets tangled up in a dangerous journey to a mythical space-time portal, the Ice Nexus, in search of the Inventory of the Mind, essential knowledge for ending the Eternal War.


La Meute

Louise Cottin-Euziol, Lou-Anne Abdou, Antoine Blossier Gacic, Charline Hedreville, Agathe Moulin, Victoria Normand, Gabriel Saint-Frison

After a harrassing day, Marion, a young woman in her twenties, recounts her story to a policeman, hoping to be unterstood. For her, the responsible one is part of the hounds. For him, she is the one responsible.



Imanol Zinkunegi, Joseba Ponce

The Terrestrial Orchestra is the surreal and exciting story of a group of eccentric musicians who dream of putting together an orchestra and touring world.


Finding Home


The personal story of Antonia Jardenia da Silva from Brazil: a climate refugee forced to move from her home village to the big city in order to take care of her newborn baby as it struggles with microcephaly.


Glass Fingers

Alina Gheorghe

A woman gives shape to octopuses out of her own flesh. When she runs out of material she has to face what she has created.


Terra Somnus: Dreamland

Daniel Othon M. Gallardo

In a distant town a mysterious troubadour performs every night, soothing the daily heartache of the people. Nobody knows where he comes from, but he?s the bearer of a unique art that turns dreams into a collective happening.


Let's Make Peace- Snowed In

Abdollah Alimorad

Afandi and Pashandi are neighbors. The smoke of the Afandi’s house chimney is disturbing Pashandi. They fight but after a wolf attacks them, they know that they should unite to defeat the wolf.



Réka Anna Szakály

Two girls live together along the post-apocalyptic coast, both sharing the same goal of reaching the other side in hopes of a better life. However, when a mysterious character enters the life of one, a chain of irreversible events begins. Relationships fall apart along with the very world around them.


"Meet Cute"

Shawn Patrick Tilling

Inspired by the silent films of the 1920s, Meet Cute tells the story of a fateful day between two people waiting for the bus.


Shelf Life

Peter Litwinowicz

Inspired by the whimsical fruit and vegetable portraits of Arcimboldo, Shelf Life is a magical look at what might be dancing in the corners of our homes.


Tomato Kitchen

Junyi Xiao

An accident interrupted Lee’s dinner with his colleagues. The dark truth of the Tomato Kitchen along with Lee’s hidden past were revealed by this unexpected incident…



jennifer amorelli

Mariposa, meaning Butterfly in Spanish, is about an injured butterfly who is rescued by a young woman. He feels he can not make his life journey in his condition, she helps him realize Though a piece of us has broken off, it does not mean we wont fly again.


Turbo Treadmill

Sebastian Soler

Six racers compete on a turbulent treadmill in a race to the finish line…but an ulterior motive threatens everyone involved.


The White Whale

'The White Whale' production started July 2022 and finished January 2023. Our passion is ignited and shaped by a connection to the outside world when we were young. The White Whale tells such a story. It is about a lifetime pursuit of love for the underwater world.



Sheridan Clark

After a lifetime of abuse in a dingy puppy mill, a mother chihuahua breaks out of her cage and races towards freedom, while attempting to evade her owner’s snatching grasp. Content Warning: As this film aims to raise awareness about the abusive nature of large-scale pet breeding operations (puppy mills), realistic representations of abuse are shown. Brief depictions of deceased dogs, neglect, and moderate physical abuse is shown and/or implied. A minor amount of blood is shown. One starving dog drags a deceased dog off screen and crunching can be heard which may be disturbing to viewers.



Masashi Kawamura

With a mechanical prosthetic arm and his sidekick "Sleeping Cat" on his side, legendary craftsman "Jingoro Hidari" faces one of his adversaries "Inumaru" in a fight to the death.



A Songbird who is forced to flee her deforested home accidentally clips her wing on a robotic facility antenna, plummeting into an underground scrap bin. Her collision caused an error within the facility: an obsolete robot is activated. Seeing the mistake, the facility’s Master AI dumps the obsolete robot into the scrap bin, where he and the injured Songbird meet. After the robot interprets her solemn song as a wish to fly free again, the two form an unlikely symbiotic relationship. Their directive: [ESCAPE].


Tardes de Verano

Garazi Feliu, Ander Lizarraga, Oihane Abete, Candela Gutierrez, Iñigo Sanchez


Stories We Could Have Told You

Darcy Miller

A mother's bedtime stories take on a surprising and moving life, as she and her daughter process the loss of her husband.



lei chen

I wait for him and she waits for us. The pigeons do not know anything.


The Time Keeping House

Joana Imaginário

In a house where library, museum, and workshops are mixed, the restorer goes through closed and secret rooms and creates the book that will save all the others. Because one day books get sick. In the house, everyone tries to save them, but they end up leaving, and the restorer, followed by the watchmen, becomes the keeper of the book where she puts together several pieces of what she managed to save. She is about to give up when the book restorer tells the story, passing it from hand to hand, triggering a new need to create and restarting a new cycle.

Week 8

June 18 - June 24



Jethro Tai

A tiger struggles to cope with the loss of his childhood fish friend.


Eyes and Horns

Chaerin Im

Exploration of masculinity begins with the Minotaur, a mythical creature Picasso used to portray himself in his etching print series. The Minotaur goes through a violent struggle between being male and female. Finally, lines blur and boundaries of sexes disappear.


Where Has Sam's Shadow Gone?

Tom Taylor

Sam wakes up to find that his shadow is missing. With the help of his dog, Duke, Sam sets off on an incredible adventure through beautiful landscapes and unimaginable places. Can you help Sam find his shadow? The story and photo design of "The Adventures of Sam and Duke "was created from the imagination of Tom Taylor for his son. "Enjoy this heartwarming and enchanting tale for you, your child, grandchild and all of those who remain young at heart." ♥



Ivo Venkov

Electric sheep? No, androids actually dream of art... __________________________ CLiMB is a comic animated sci-fi short about modern art and the quest for its appreciation. After spectacularly crashing out of her day job, Maggie, a low-cost, Tenzing model mountain droid, sets out on a journey back to her roots. In her AI, despite extended database and somewhat limited vocabulary, she was built to climb. Guided by Blue, a rather playful Morpho butterfly in a surreal landscape, Maggie discovers for herself some of the pillars of 20th century modern art and architecture, along with the pitfalls of the butterfly effect. Will she find her true calling and become a full-time modern art lover along the way? In the spirit of absurdist fiction, CLiMB also pays homage to classic Looney Tunes themes and characters, along with lots of music and a comic book graphic style.


One Last Wish, Based on "What, Of this Goldfish, Would You Wish?" by Etgar Keret

Galia Osmo

The Fisherman and the Fish folk tale comes to life, in a bitter-sweet animation. A lonely fisherman has a magical goldfish, who granted him three wishes. He already used two wishes to help others in need. Now he is facing a grave decision; after accidentally killing a stranger, he has to choose whether to keep his last wish and stay a murderer. Or to use it to save a stranger's life, but in doing so he will lose the only thing that truly matters, his friend.


Fishi Out Of Water

Katherine Farrar

Undersea transfer student Fishi must learn to navigate her new school in Birdton, as well as navigate how to maneuver her new robotic body. Will she find a way to fit in? Or will she always be the odd fish out?


Under A Shooting Contrail

Rika Nakayama

A little stop-motion puppet leaves his studio and explores the outside world. He experiences the vast, dynamic, and unpredictable world of nature through a lens of a stop-motion puppet.


His Bridge

Chong Lyu

His Bridge is a 2D narrative animation about Alzheimer's disease. The film tells the story of an older man who lives on a bridge with twelve houses. His peaceful life starts to change one morning when his teeth start to fall out one by one, and the houses on the bridge fall into the water one by one until he is the only one left.


The Last Song of the Forest

Eva Bushnell

Two sisters have a day out in the forest, but when a fight breaks out between them, their shadows detach from their bodies.


Restless Mind

Bachar Bachoura

Restless Mind evokes memories of a senior person at the end of his life, depicting the transition moments between life and death through a photograph that he took with his family when they were together. The film is a tribute to my father who was sick living his end.


Of the waiting

Adriano Vessichelli

Mistakes and disappointments of a love story gone wrong bring the protagonist into a journey within the ruins of memory, a world made of fragility and bitterness. He is suspended in a limbo, like someone who is facing the end of an important story and left with nothing else but suffering, he is waiting unable to let go.


The Audition

Scottie Harvey

Vocal conservatory hopeful, Leah, has been prepping for months for her audition, but when the auditionee before her sings the exact same song Leah must figure out a way to make her performance stand out.



Lin Tam

Friendship is the story of two childhood friends who bond together despite their different personalities and ethnicities. The short film spans their lifelong journey and portrays how they sustain their connection through challenges, celebrations, and the test of time.


The Egret River

Wan-Ling Liu

Among the tall buildings of the city, the lonely guard hides a beautiful field that no one knows, and meets an egret there; but the expansion of the city never stops, one day the field is destroyed, the egret escapes without a trace, he begins to see mysterious illusions.


Salvation Has No Name

Joseph Wallace

A troupe of clowns gather to perform a story about a Priest and a refugee but as their misguided tale unfolds, the boundaries between fiction and reality begin to fray.



Tim Alards

In the eyes of an imaginative preschooler, telephone users are like zombies.


Dancing In The Shadows

Elliot Bloom, Alexandra Gordon-Gibson

DANCING IN THE SHADOWS is the story of a lonesome and deflated figure who aimlessly roams the metropolis at night. They gradually realise that their shadow has come to life, moving freely from and separate to its owner. Their shadow soon discovers new ways to move and dance. The protagonist is first apprehensive about their shadow's new found rhythm of movement, but as they chase their shadow through the streets, they are soon mesmerised. Their shadow then encounters another shadow, together they coalesce and dance, transcending their figures into a new dimension, forming a unison through dance.


The foam and the lion

Cláudio Jordão

On July 6th, 1808, the "Bom Sucesso" caique and 18fishermen left Olhão, in Portugal, towards Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), taking with them the good news that Portugal was finally free of Napoleon's enemy troops. But in the midst of a great storm, men lose their bearings and faith. The "Bom Sucesso" caique enters an enchanted realm, where a fantastic Marine Creature falls in love with him and will try to save him from a tenebrous Monster in the service of the enemy.


"Record Player" AJR X Daisy the Great

Yuval Haker

A surreal music video combining filmed footage and animation. Record Player is a song about our modern day demons, the masks we wear and the knees we scrape in our desire to fit in. Commissioned by S-Curve Records for AJR and Daisy the Great.


Seniors 3000

Julien David

A biomechanical fusion between Marlene, a secretary who has been working for 30 years, and the model x3000 printer is going to create a new generation of workers: the senior 3000. The revolution in the work world is underway!...


Spring Roll Dream (Sub Eng)

Mai Vu

Linh is a Vietnamese mother who lives with her son in America. When her father visits and insists on cooking a traditional Vietnamese meal, Linh is confronted with the past and culture she left behind.


Kafka's Doll

Bruno Simões

Inspired by an unproven myth, Kafka's Doll is an animated short film that blends factual research, fiction, fantasy and myth into a single heart-warming story about loss.


Let's Make Peace- Remote Control

Abdollah Alimorad

Afandi and Pashandi are two friends with good time. They play together but Afandi is the one who is always the winner. One day an alien brings a remote control for Pashandi that he can control Afandi with it to defeat him.



Carly Dessain

Lusea is a hungry young sea lion on an eager quest for food. On the way, she tries to impress, but runs into unexpected hostility. Eventually she finds her place elsewhere.


Dell Cullum's Wildlife Presentation: Episode Two

Wildlife Rescue, Rehab & Education expert Dell Cullum is animated, along with his wife Dee and Athena (the Screech Owl) in this special that is designed to teach our youth of the importance of our wildlife through interesting facts and a special animated book reading of Dell's three volume children's book series, The Wild Adventures of Scurry the Squirrel. This is Episode Two / the book reading of the second Scurry the Squirrel book.






Wayne Su

May 21st 2033, A Quick Reaction Force, led by Agent Ripley, locates a nuclear missile carrier in an abandoned closed Soviet city. After discovering the missile to be a decoy, Ripley runs out of time and the real device detonates in the surrounding perimeter. Failing to stop the launch of the nuclear missile of Russian origin and now facing a guaranteed nuclear fallout, Agent Ripley inverts himself backwards in time, or rather, back to the future to prevent the launch of the nuclear missile, sacrificing 30 years of his age in the process to complete his mission before the consequences of reverse entropy.



Natalia Ryss

One day, a childless peasant family had a son... a cricket. Expressionistic drama, Requiem-Guignol. Experiment with narrative form, where the role of music, sound, becomes equal to the image, without any priorities.



Sumin Cho

Two friends get on a long plane ride, but what awaits them is a bumpy ride.


The Drawing Room

Differing of opinions come into play as two people think their artwork is better than the other person’s.


Hand-Me-Down Christmas

Victor Charles Dean

Hand Me Down Christmas is a heartfelt story of a boy's annual trip to his grandmother's job that they turn into their own holiday.



Charlie Hocking

Waterbeing, is an 8 minute animated film told simply through music and moving image. It focuses on the story of a young woman battling to stay in her lane. In a world that feels sink-or-swim, will she manage to float?


All In

Niklas Reuse

A man sits at a poker table in dim light. The seemingly impenetrable darkness stretches all around him. The cards are dealt; at that moment there is only him and his opponent. The man is determined and willing to gamble everything on his hand. So, he goes all in. But nothing is as it seems: What is dream, what is reality? The boundaries blur and the man must realize that this is the most important game of his life. "All In" is about a fatal motorcycle accident with a deer. But instead of just depicting reality, the film tells the meta-level in which the motorcyclist is defeated in the poker game against a horned death and the reality of his tragic death is increasingly taking hold.


Burry Man

Simon P Biggs

When a Pictish farm is besieged by an endless winter, an adolescent girl must defy her father and his traditions to venture out beyond their family glen in search of a mysterious evergreen figure, the Burry Man, who has the power to bring springtime to the land.



Lucie Grannec

A dolphin in free relationship with fifteen inflatable animals, a fox crazy in love with a cereal mascot, a band of animals adept at firearms… Different portraits, existing, of members of the Furry community, lovers and enthusiasts of anthropomorphic animals.


The Movie WillBengers: Mysterious Camping

Changhwan Shin

Thanks to the troubled maker heroes William and Bentley brothers, Sam has a hard time every day. To escape from everyday life and enjoy peace, the Hammingtons go on a camping trip. Deep in the mountains, there is only hunters in a shabby campsite. A manager of camping site welcomes them after a long absence. But the herbalist at the campsite looks a bit strange. While Sam is unpacking their belongings William and Bentley discover an abandoned playground. And unexpectedly, they meet a little Gumiho, Miho. They quickly become friends and have a good time riding the rides together. That night the Hammington's were having a peaceful time in front of a bonfire and suddenly Miho comes out from nowhere and asks for help for his injured father. The children transforms into ‘Willbengers’ the heroes and try to follow Miho. Sam tries to stop the children, but in the end Sam decides to help Miho.



Susana Miguel António, Filipa Gomes da Costa

They ignore each other hoping to become the other’s object of desire. Failing by tactical symmetry, they allow such desire to burn away. One day, as their paths cross, all they exchange is a cold nod.

Week 9

June 25 - July 3


Cut Your Carbon Bigfoot-print

Claire Grey

Living alone in the woods, hardly seen by anyone, Bigfoot feels disconnected from the world and the scenes of climate chaos he sees on social media. But when his best friend Snowman melts to the ground, Bigfoot realises he IS connected to the rest of the world and must do his part to save it. So, he decides to change his diet with the help of Veganuary. Veganuary’s “Cut Your Carbon Bigfoot-print” advertising campaign played in over 500 UK cinemas to 165,533 people, becoming both the charity’s first time on the big screen and its first animated ad. The video empowers viewers to make small changes in order to help combat climate chaos. In doing so drawing awareness to Veganuary's existence, benefits, and mission through one minute of lighthearted, whimsical storytelling. The ad was developed in-house at Veganuary, with the story brought beautifully to life by Kilogramme Animation Studio. Bigfoot was voiced by Oscar-nominated actor James Cromwell, star of HBO’s Succession, Six Feet Under, and Babe. After its cinema debut, the animation moved online, its viewership snowballing to over 500,000 across various platforms in under a month. It was also adapted into German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Croatian, contributing to the video's international success. The cinema and online videos were quickly picked up by the press globally, with huge interest in the quirky concept, A-list cast, and animated medium. So while Bigfoot may be a mythical creature, through this ad, his positive impact on climate change is very real.



Ahmad Saleh

The dust of war keeps the eyes sleepless. Night brings peace and sleep to all the people in the broken town. Only the eyes of the mother of the missing child stay resilient. Night has to trick her into sleeping to save her soul.



Warren Bass

ESTUARY is a sparse, meditational animation with some of the values and attributes of a visual haiku. Its images are loosely based on the Chesapeake Bay at the mouth of the James River. As an experimental work expressed through forms in motion, ESTUARY treats hand-drawn animation as an analog to dance and poetry. Concept, animation, and graphics by Warren Bass. TRT 3:20.



Zoe Neely


Flour & Mush

Emily Wong

Starting the production in 2019 Hong Kong, I hope that I could find ways to communicate the troubled times and to create meaning. The film is about an encounter between a sack of flour and a broken tree trunk—depicting unexpectedness in everyday life. Flour knows how to cook, embroider and make bread. His happiness is completed when he does all these to Mush. A pack of rats appear and attack Flour, causing him to disappear.



Mariana Osores Benfenati

A disheartened man is reunited with an old forgotten talent, that kind of talent that excites us, mentally transports us and fills our souls. Un sujeto desmotivado se reencuentra con un talento olvidado, de esos talentos que nos apasionan, nos transportan mentalmente y nos llenan el alma.


Stories of Home

Parul Wadhwa


Bickering Burglars

Madeline Ko

Two burglars break into a house, then argue about their thieving strategies as they escape. Police arrive, and a wild car chase ensues.


Zadig/ Človek

Andrea Pátková, Adam Čurko, Viktoria Voržáčková

An animated video clip for Jazz song called Človek for Peter Lipa and David Rotter. The animated video clip is journey of an alcoholic tourist in Egypt , who is trying to runaway from his fate. The story is inspired by a folk tale based on quote from The Old testament saying “God created heaven and Earth”. Therefore hell must be place on Earth and it is upon us how we shape our path. Our main hero ends up in the same place as he was running from , but it is clearly darker and sinister…


Dragons and Warts

Daniel Callaghan

A Medieval Fantasy set in the style of mockumentary.


Duck Lake

Katrin Ignatova

When Miss Swan, the prima ballerina star of "Swan Lake," gets too drunk to go on stage, her ambitious stage manager Miss Duck does everything she can in order to save the show. Things take an unexpected turn when Miss Duck realizes that she has to take matters into her own hands.



Crestwood 4th & 5th Graders

The mythical foundation of the first kingdom of Korea, animated and retold by the 4th and 5th grade students of Crestwood Elementary school in Madison, WI.



David Chai

Come swim with us through the limitless pools of our trans and nonbinary spirits.


Friendly Fire

Tom Koryto Blumen

A friendly soccer game between an Israeli soldier and a Palestinian boy that takes place on the West Bank barrier starts to escalate into an uneven battle. The film was painted frame by frame on the wall and become part of the ongoing conflict by staining the wall with over a hundred liters of paint.



Alan Sánchez


Up in Smoke

Ernie Berger

A zany character has his first day operating a mobile crematory service.



Arvind Singh Jeena

In a primary school classroom, a fun filled, hyper mischievous, noisy bunch of 4th graders are caught off-guard as the teacher walks in unannounced; followed by a surprise test of creativity and character. Will all of them complete it in time?


The antiquary

Manuel Matos Barbosa

Every town has its collector or antique dealer, a mole who walks around in the ruin of things looking for stories or treasures. Vicente was a stingy old man, sparing with words. In his collection, the pixie of mercy that he admired so much was missing. The despair of not seeing his desire fulfilled drove him to illness. On the town's feast day, the procession visited the sick. Vincent received a visit from the priest, seeing, as if in a prodigy, the prior in great robes, holding the marvelous pyxid in his hands.



Cedric Igodt, David Van de Weyer

Rosemary, a young fairy, leads a boring life at the fairytale castle. She’d rather be a witch so she can scream and get really messy. Her mother doesn’t like the sound of that, so Rosemary takes her stuff and sets off to the witch forest.


Chibiham, Juicy & Me

Riki Ohkanda

A culture shock comedy by an American filmmaker who has lived in Japan for 20 years! Paprika, an American exchange student, waits restlessly in the lobby of Haneda Airport. She has come to pick up her cousin Chibiham. Her friend Juicy has come along, and is looking forward to meeting Chibiham for the first time.  “Paprika!” The girls turn at the loud voice. Chibiham has arrived, sporting a big, round belly and a very dowdy mumu. Chibiham runs at them, tripping and smashing into people as sweets fly from her bag. From the moment she arrives, Chibiham is a self-centered disaster. Paprika recalls Chibiham’s old selfishness from their youth, and realizes that she hasn’t changed at all. Juicy, too, is surprised by Chibiham’s behavior, since Paprika is a much quieter and more subdued a person.  Chibiham quickly laughs off her mishaps as she eats the candy she brought from abroad, saying, “I can’t stand Japanese food all the time.” It was much different than what Paprika had been expecting of her cousin, and she worried how the homestay will turn out.  Sure enough, Chibiham does all kinds of things that shock the girls as she stays with them. For example, she rants on the train, refusing to give up her seat to an elderly person. She refuses to even glance at the Japanese food that Juicy cooks for her, and even cries when she goes to a fast food restaurant and to discover that the green tea in Japan is not sweet. On one occasion, she grabs at clothes with her chocolate-covered hands in a gothic-lolita specialty store in Harajuku, and gets into a fight with the clerk. Paprika is annoyed at her general lack of remorse.  Of course, this is not the only time Chibiham will run amok. Chibiham is not used to Japanese-style toilets, and the bathroom ends up covered in… erm, yeah. Paprika is constantly forced to clean up Chibiham’s messes. Literally. A battle breaks out when Juicy’s mom comes to visit. She takes the girls sightseeing and to eat sushi, but Chibiham keeps complaining about the soba, the sushi, and everything. Mama finally snaps and says, “If you don’t accept any challenges, you won’t grow as a person. If you are arrogant, no one will respect you.” Finally, Chibiham reaches out her hand and tries the sushi. She admits, “It’s delicious.” Could it be that the selfish Chibiham may have begun on a journey far more important than just a homestay in a new country?


Mickey’s Descent Into Madness

Tom Bourgeois

Detective Mickey Mouse, haunted by the death of Goofy during the Vietnam War, must deal with the disappearance of his partner Donald.


The Tower of the Eagle

Peter Brandt

A lone ninja infiltrates a castle to recover a stolen scroll.



Carmen Córdoba González

Mother and Daughter are roped for life by an eternal bond that heals and hurts, and that is perpetuated when Daughter becomes a Mother.



John Harlan Norris

Interpolators presents a series of animated portraits that focus on the process of constructing public persona at a time in which our likenesses have become increasingly malleable, fraught, and self-searching. In these works, signifying objects collide and disperse to build portrait subjects which appear hyper-performative yet exist in a constant state of flux. These objects, symbols, and patterns both attach and remove themselves from the human form at such a dizzying pace that they often seem to evoke unpredictable weather patterns to which the subjects must adapt. This interaction seeks to investigate the inherent contradiction between the increasing pressure for self-branding and presentation with the fluid and ever-changing experience of being a person. Ultimately, the work seeks to depict a moment in which the construction of public persona, once a rare and curious phenomenon, is now as ubiquitous, relentless, and mercurial as the weather itself.


The White Whale

Amir Mehran

Long years ago, a young man has lost his friends in an air attack on a big river. After 30 years, He is looking for their remains. A White Whale is the only sign he has.



Qinru Zhang

The 12-year-old girl has a mundane life with a repeating daily routine. As she wakes up every morning, she senses the objects in her house strangely changed position. One day, she finally finds out the mysterious secret between her house and herself. Homecore is a VR animation speaking to the nostalgic complications between future and past, memory and reality, self and others. Inspired by Lacan’s Mirror Theory, Homecore sees urban domesticity as an enchanting no-exit space of self-reflection through the protagonist’s looped daily life.



Bohdan Romanko

This Ukrainian short - created using state-of-the-art technology - follows a heart-breaking chat between an ordinary Ukrainian man, compelled to join the defense forces on the front-line of the 2022 Russian War, and his emerging girlfriend who anxiously follows his journey as war rages all around him doing what she can to help.


NightMara: Episode 1

Gianpaolo Gonzalez

An eleven year old girl, named Mara, has the power to traverse through people’s nightmares in the nightmare world, but when people in her town fail to wake up, it seems she’s the only one who can save them.


Poetic Lines

Juan Menache

Two lines emerge seamlessly through the wonders of classical music. At first glance they really don’t know what to make of each other. Hesitant, they try intimidation tactics and discover that they have many things in common. As both emerge from the ground creativity ensues. One creates a ballet dancer and the other line creates an abstract person. From this point on we see a time lapse of these lines creating various things such as pots, squiggly lines, as well as an abstract fish. Both lines move in various ways and overlap with one another. Although not implied, we do get an indication of the genders of both lines due to one creating a female and a male figure. This partnership lasts throughout the course of the video and both characters realize the limitless possibilities of creativity. Among the many themes that are present in this piece are companionship, and unity.


The Space Between Us

Julianne Martin

A lonely spaceman's desire for company may be about to come true when a mysterious ship arrives at his space station.


The Paper

Katariina Haukka

The Paper flew away from the artist Marja. She tries to tame the Paper by any means necessary. But only understanding the Paper can reveale it’s true nature.



Eleonora Berra

Three beings pave the floor of a cave with gemstones that they are collecting. When a part of the cave’s ceiling collapses because of an accident, the three see each other for the first time in daylight and realize that parts of their skin sparkles. However, one of them doesn’t sparkle. This difference will impact the group and lead to a conflict between the three.


Super Meow

Tatiana Mosh

Welcome to the school for true superheroes! Each kitten is learning to handle its superpowers not only in the classroom but also in real-life situations. Just like our viewers, all the students have their own superpowers, their own features, their own personalities. But the kittens still don’t know how to control their powers...


Take a Chair, Leave a Chair

Hanna Hurd

A performer must find a new chair.


Pinto the Mean Bean

R.J. Sullivan

Pinto is a bean who lives in a crowded, noisy place called Legumeopolis. The way Pinto sees it, there's a lot to be upset about. Will he figure out how to get along with his fellow beans? Hmm… I sure hope so.


Exhibit A

James Wilkinson

A mysterious intergalactic art collector has their, sights on one of earths masterpieces. But a plucky security guard ensures it will not be a simple lift.


Bride's Dream

Joe Chang

This is a story about a bride who is separated from her soldier husband by life and death. At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty in China, a civil war was launched in order to compete for power and positions, and the people suffered from exile and exile. The man, Wang Hui, had been married for less than a few months and was forcibly conscripted into the army. Newlywed wife Zhang, who has been waiting at home all day long, accompanied by the birds in the garden, unknowingly becoming a dream. Dreaming of Wang Hui's return from dismantling his armor, Zhang was both happy and sad. All of a sudden, the drums of war were terrifying, and the soldiers were in chaos, all of which were skeletons of flesh and blood. Zhang suddenly woke up with fright, only to realize that it was all a dream. Lyrics the Peking Opera on Animation Bride's Dream With entangled thoughts, I think of our honeymoon, Only a few days of tender loving care did we indulge ourselves. My dear husband, my dear love, How miserable I am! Why don’t you write me, your poor newly wedded wife? Men are ungrateful for they pursue only power and fame, And all those sweet words you whspered to me are now in vain.


Go Go Giwas: Sowing Dream Seeds

Yi-Feng Kao, Suet-Er Hee

"Go Go Giwas" is an animated TV series. In the series, the main character, Giwas keeps learning new knowledge and cultural wisdom through inquiry in the context of her tribal village life to be the first female mrhu (leader) in her tribe. One day, playing with the spinning top, Giwas and her companions accidentally came to a space station through the legendary time machine. They learned how the space station space flies on the low Earth orbit from the resident chat robot. Accompanied a resident astronaut, they experienced wonderful daily life on the space station. Viewing the fantastic beauty and partial ruins of the Earth from space, she strengthened her idea to protect the Earth.


The Ultimate Show

Laober Zhu

Xiao Kai, a young man from a small town, starts to live-stream his sensory experience through "Butterfly Dreaming Live Show ", and goes step by step into deep abyss under all kinds of temptations.